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MTV Video Music Awards

Kanye West

Prices music video, also known as VMA were presented by MTV, which also broadcast the ceremony live every year since 1984. They started as an alternative to the Grammy intention to target younger viewers of MTV population and focus its celebration and recognition of the contributions and achievements of pop culture that appeal to young adults rather than artistic merit in the grand scheme of the music industry has industry professionals. At the beginning of the Video Music Awards, Bette Midler and Dan Aykroyd they organized and Madonna made a bold performance of its success Like a Virgin, the use of a hybrid Strapless accented with lace stockings and a belt that read “Boy Toy “as it rolled on stage – the tone for the rest of his career and the future of the controversial program VMA price. Since appearing on the awards many more times and was the center of many other programs, such as performing Vogue in 1990 – dress with the image of Marie Antoinette in line with French theme 18th century performance while performing a sub-indicator of choreography, being caressed by her dancers on stage, and giving a peak her dress – and French-kissing Britney Spears on stage in 2003 also took home more awards than any other winners MTV series, a total of twenty to date. Peter Gabriel has the record for most VMA won in a single night, earning ten in 1987 to Sledgehammer.

Adding music to YouTube videos

convert music video

YouTube and Google video are two of the most popular video sharing sites, but there are also plenty of other sites where users can upload videos they create or videos they want to share, as Metacafe and DailyMotion. Now, how you can add music to videos you upload to these sites? Read on to learn how you can do it in just a few simple steps.

There are a lot of software out there that can be used to add music to videos, such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. But, of course, all users can not afford programs like these, especially as they are more oriented the professional user. But regular or occasional user need not despair! The good news is that it is not a very useful tool that comes free with Windows, without having to purchase additional software required. Windows Movie Maker is an application of simple video editing that is installed by default on Windows machines. This tool allows you to add music and video editing a breeze. Just run and you’re good to go!

So how exactly you can add music to a video clip? Actually, it is quite simple. Here is a guide to help you start adding music to your videos.

1. Start Windows Movie Maker, and open a new project.
2. Click File, then Import into Collections (alternatively, simply press the “Ctrl + I” key) to import media files (videos, music, pictures).
3. Once the files are imported, simply drag the timeline used by Movie Maker (at the bottom of the window).

* Using the timeline, users can easily add visual effects (like fade-in effect) video, which is in the bar “Video”.

* To add music to the current video, drag the file corresponding to the bar “Audio / Music” music. Using the timeline allows the user to adjust when the music starts, or synchronized with the video. You can also adjust the music fade or disappear, in addition to setting volume levels (in case you want to play more in the background)

* Users also have the option to add narration to the video, if you have a microphone connected to your system.
4. Once the music has been added, simply save the project (usually as a new video file) in the format of your choice.

* YouTube works with many video formats, and some of the most common are .AVI files (which can be the same file type as your video source), though YouTube allows users to download other popular video files such as WMV, MOV, MPEG, MP4, DivX, FLV and .OGG.
5. Once you have saved the project, which is now ready to upload your new video, with your own choice of music, video sharing site of your choice!

Add music to your videos and YouTube videos to other sites is actually much easier than you thought. With a simple and easy to use, any Windows user can easily add music to your videos.

How to convert iPhone Movie-Music, Free Download iPhone Videos-Songs

Movavi video music converter

The article describes the solution for hunting / free download music and videos iPhone. Rip DVD / CD, convert iPhone video (support AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, RM, DivX, DVD, VOB, YouTube, Limewire and more to iPhone conversion), and put video on iPhone.

* IPhone Video format: video / audio playback formats which Apple iPhone?

* The way to download iPhone movies, music videos and songs.

* Removing CDs and transfer music to iPhone?

* How to rip DVD, convert video to iPhone and put video on your iPhone?

* YouTube meets iPhone.

1. Video formats supported iPhone

If music be the food of love, play


Meaningful music for people. He came to the bits that nothing else can do. stir emotions, it helps us connect with what we are. In war, you can reinforce the determination of the soldiers tired and monitoring of offenders. In a movie, you can transform a nice landscape in a threatening jungle or take a daily encounter seems romantic. The music is very personal. It triggers memories, revive the forgotten half twinges of desire and even gives the joy of a weary soul. For those who have rejected conventional religion, which can be the means through which they connect with their inner self.

Music is very important for me as a filmmaker. While it is true that some of the most memorable compositions wine great music of the film, the fact remains that many great film music is not noticed. Take a show like The Killing, the drama of the acclaimed Danish police. Can you remember the music? Probably not. Most of the time there is no music – the word is used with excellent results – but what music there points to the action in a subtle way that helps create the overall effect.

The same approach should be used in the video humble business. The music is there to set a mood or to help along the sequence. A set of rather dull picture can be activated if cut to the imagination a good piece of music with a strong beat. Often it is the beginning of the music that has the greatest effect, which encourages us to make an emotional response to the images. That’s why the free sections of the music are so important, music wall to wall can become bland. Carefully usually possible to find traces of music libraries, but if you can afford to ask the composer’s task becomes much easier. A good composer will work with a director to unravel exactly what effect he / she wants to reach every point in the film. Sometimes what evolves is so memorable is going to become a famous piece of music in its own right.

Top tips for creating videos Web Quality

create videos

As an entrepreneur first time or an experienced owner of the small company, creating a video for your website brings a number of challenges and opportunities. With the explosion of video on the web and the promise of Google around the corner, it’s a good time to be able to upload your own content. Before we begin, let’s reflect on some of the biggest pitfalls to avoid if you want the video to get people talking. For starters, we’ve compiled a list of tips to create great videos.

1. concepting

Define your goal. When hiring a production service web video should ask a lot of questions. What do you want the video to make? They will find out at the starting point of this production is and what your goals and budget for it.

You may already have an idea or concept for your location either to increase or to drive traffic to a landing page? Or to motivate your customers to buy your product? The list is endless, but every business goal must have a corresponding outcome that can be measured. Determining a business goal allows you to focus on results.

2. Script

FLV shared video sites Streamline Band and music promotion

Streamline Band

Simplify their marketing and promotion of niche websites streaming. The incredible rage OnlineTV is here and growing. attention of Internet marketing focuses on broadband transmission of the media and nothing could be better for your music with a slice of attention. This is a marriage made in heaven and transmission media music video.

With the free, built-in Movie Maker from Microsoft almost everyone can have your audio file and with a little creativity to make a compelling video. Clips are no longer an obstacle for bands that take advantage of onlineTV revolution. Just pop some fresh images or video shorts from his mini-camera, shot on audio tracks and viola! It has a simple music video for this song. A video with the title, credits, letters and messages where users can buy will be more than adequate as a promotional tool. Remember “Where’s the next show?”

Who has not heard of YouTube or Google Video? These amazing amalgam of everything under the sun monolithic compendiums. There must be more than 100 million videos on these sites contain an endless variety of material covering every subject under the sun. Your largest deposit in the world for the video did. As a dictionary containing all the words, has the disadvantage that it can not be read even if an index is used to find something. If you are not cherish the most popular or some feature that your message never sees the light of day, except for you. 100 best videos of Google are filled with soft porn girlies and it’s hard to compete with.

Want to be a pop star?

Kylie Jenner's

Many aspiring singers fans want to become pop stars. Are you one of them? If so, do you have what it takes to become a pop star?

The transition from singer fans to become a professional can be a very frightening experience and this is even more true in races like the song where you have to play to a large audience scrutinizing every move and search for the mistakes you can make .

Well, no need to panic yet. In fact, there are thousands of newspapers turning professional singers and amateurs why not you. If you are well prepared and have taken appropriate lessons and training, they have practiced very hard, then his dream of becoming a pop star is at hand.

Keys to be a famous singer


You want to become a pop singer and not find the media? Do not worry now because we give you the techniques that will make you to be the best singer. pop song is probably the most famous modern day singing style. Just watching TV shows like American Idol and X Factor ITV, only to realize that a lot of singers sing pop songs.

These horrible people trying to attract the judge’s attention by either dressing or doing crazy couple dances. They learn the appropriate lessons and people laugh. So do not become a singer like them.
If you go to the pop song, that does not mean that you need not learn. You need to learn proper air, breathing correctly pronounce vowels and correctly use the vowel placement as a means of voice projection. These are the people who realize the difference between pop singers trained and untrained. pop song is as difficult as the classic song, so do not take it easy.

Country singers Pop Hits Rating

pop hits

Country music has always been the typically American genre of music. While pop and rap styles are ambitious life that listeners can not imagine life, country music is about real people and real forms of life. It is natural that countries begin to cross singers in the popular field that the voices of real Americans.

Perhaps the most famous is now the country singer Taylor Swift. Referring to it as country singer may seem strange given their pop success, but it is a country singer at heart. She sings life without girls Glitz-real in a real way that speaks to women of all ages. His sincerity mocked by cynics, but it is true that the quality of their character and composition helps connect with their massive audience. She is not afraid to wear your heart on your hand and express their emotions in the public arena. His fans think he is telling true stories about their own life. Taylor’s preference for acoustic instruments and so clever lyrical vignettes small scale have been compared to popular through the centuries musicians and, oddly enough, to contemporary indie rock band as pimples and Fleet Foxes.

The best approach to relieve stress

Taylor Swif

Music has always been the best way to revitalize your senses and soul. Whatever stress you have, a good rhythm of music can easily reduce tensions and soothe your life. Music also is known as the best healer for all their problems. There are many categories in the field of music. However, pop music is one of the most beautiful part of modern music. An important feature of these harmonies is that anyone can easily enjoy compared with the melodies that appeal to the building or covenant to enjoy. Arty concepts such as how music and multiple visual aspects are not a problem in recording pop songs. The main objective of these rhythms is the satisfaction of the auditor and commercial conquest.

Although the purpose of music is to maximize sales, which does not need any praise wide or viable triumph. There are many false and evil also pop songs. Originally, this type of music was better known as “popular music.” Gradually, in the early years of the 1950s, which was developed to transmit a new musical category. The stylistic genesis of pop music are people, music, jazz, R & B, rock and roll and traditional pop. The distinctive instruments, which are included in this branch of music are electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums. The type of pop melodies has its popularity in the 1960s In the 1980s, pop music video was released first and achieved great success.