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Top 10 Things to Look for in a Guitar Teacher

guitar teacher

Finding what to look for in a guitar teacher can be a daunting task. There is always uncertainty and doubt about whether or not you will have good chemistry with your teacher. After all, you put yourself in a vulnerable position, make mistakes and do things you can not do well in the presence of a stranger. The following list of the 10 best things to look for in a guitar teacher will help you in your search for a teacher and guide you in your choice to find out who should study the guitar.

1. Preparation

Knowing that your guitar teacher has a teaching plan and takes notes actively while playing, this is a good indicator that he is not only trying to take his money. Some guitar teachers charge a lot, but offer little or no feedback on their performance during classes. When a teacher is prepared, you will get more bang for your money. “Preparation” means more precisely that the guitar instructor has:

A) A large database of audio files of songs to be taught. A database of around 40,000 songs is a great advantage

B) A music library in your teaching studio that covers theory, chords, techniques, exercises, literature and more about the instrument it teaches

C) An extensive library of chord charts and scores, so do not use valuable lesson time to write course material while waiting to be taught.

2. Friendly, supportive and firm

A friendly, supportive and firm guitar teacher will make a big difference in your musical growth. For example, if you do not practice as much as you want in the week following a lesson, a good teacher will take this into account. It may not be “pleasant” to listen to your critics, but your honest frankness and honest honesty will certainly earn your respect and trust. In the same note, a good guitar coach should also possess the good friendship and warmth of personality and diplomacy to convey his criticism without hurting or offending him.

After all, an instructor who is firm but unfavorable will not motivate you or encourage you to start practicing more diligently. An experienced guitar teacher knows how to find the right balance between being firm and supportive.

3. Patient and understanding

A patient and understanding teacher can work wonders for your progress and musical growth. An important essential ingredient is that you feel comfortable in your presence and vibration. The great masters are firm and on the ball, but also very kind and patient when they encounter newly covered information. It is crucial that at any time it is good for you to make mistakes – this is what is there for you. “Making mistakes” is not only a part of your process of growth and learning, it is a necessity. You will never do the best you can during a lesson and your teacher will know. If a teacher shows a sign of impatience when you struggle, look for another teacher immediately. You deserve something better.

4. Work from a professional studio

A teaching study talks a lot about the guitar teacher who owns it. The environment you learn should be conducive to learning. If a study is organized and professional, you will be more apt to learn information more easily because you will focus. Having a well-organized study and being more focused is beneficial because you are going to do things faster. When a guitar instructor tries through piles of documents looking for the resources he needs, he will become distracted and learn more slowly.

5. Versatile

Versatility is an important asset to look for in a guitar teacher. Each student does not want to learn the same songs in the same style, and not all students will be on the same level as the others. A guitar teacher should always be on their toes and know how to help anyone at any level of play to improve. Being able to help a guitarist, regardless of his current style or mastery, is an important factor to be a great guitar coach.

6. Has an online database

A teacher who has an adequate database of teaching materials such as chord tables and tablature will make a big difference in improving your guitar skill. The database of a guitar teacher should have at least 30 thousand different songs and could be able to throw something in a minute. You will get more from each lesson with your guitar instructor if you have a well established database because less time will be devoted to finding some music and more time will be spent playing and receiving guidelines.

7. Behavior

Being a trained musician often results in being a driven teacher. Fantastic music teachers focus and constantly help you to improve in any way possible. A good guitar teacher will constantly correct and push a student in a favorable way. When you are constantly guided, corrected, challenged and motivated to push the limits, you will gain more in 1 lesson than within 5 weeks of self-study. An imperative trait of a top-level music coach is that he has a strong drive to help him reach his goals. Your goal is your interest.

8. pushes you out of your comfort zone

When you do not feel a little uncomfortable, your teacher loses his time, talent and money. This is when you are out of your comfort zone, that you are really learning. Think about it: if you feel very comfortable, you are essentially doing things you can do. “Learning” is the result of doing things you still can not do. A guitar coach will get you 90% (or more) of the lesson on the things you’re fighting and only 10% (or less) on the things that are right for you. The job of the instructor is to pass the 90% 100 of the time guides that you are able to overcome the struggles so that you can move on to the next levels of your game.

9. Focus more on teaching than being a musician

A fantastic guitar teacher is not just someone who knows how to play the guitar and shows you what to do. Guitar instruction requires a completely different set of skills to play. A necessary trait for an effective guitar teacher is that he enjoys teaching as much as playing the guitar and is passionate about it. An excellent guitar instructor wants to show you the incredible of magical music and has your best interest in the heart. If you can listen to a reader in your guitar teacher and know that he has a passion for music, you probably have a wonderful guitar coach.

10. Inspiring and creative

When a guitar teacher is able to connect music to life experiences, he is also able to play a student musically. Being able to see a connection between music and life is a very important factor in learning how to improve your ability. Music is not just about touching notes on a sheet of paper, but about emotions and creativity that go behind paper notes. Having a teacher who knows this and often explains that you can make learning the guitar an incredible and unforgettable experience.

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