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Tips for Singers

To be able to sing is a gift, such as guitar, saxophone, drums, keyboards and bass. The gift is being able to play any musical instrument. A good singer is able to sit on the bench, is something of a range, and know their strengths and weaknesses / hers. I would not have hit records, but I’ve been singing for 42 years and I’ve only had two beer bottles thrown at me.

Seriously, if you can sing high dynamic use choose the right songs, and give a good presentation, you are on your way. If you sing with confidence, and is known, it is good to exchange ideas or see other singers.

Sing, sing loud and ear:

The actual sound of the voice is worth discussion. There are many styles of music to choose from. Listen to recordings of yourself with different styles and different styles of music. Soft strong voice, with a range of a little courage and make good songs, there is always at least some styles you are comfortable with. Do not be afraid to try new things after doing some different singers imitate or expand within its own style. I was encouraged to try the songs I never thought I would be able to do, only to find they are some of the best of them to do so. Of course, sing songs out of your range is a no no.

You should be able to “carry a tune.” No way around it. Many are simply born with it and many can be actually be more specific. Keep some regular notes. Try singing octaves, thirds, or just exercise high and low notes and back several times to reach each time. Sign up if you can and listen. You should try to get a basic knowledge of music theory, and who can teach you what it looks like. Try singing a note. Play the note on an instrument and see how you come. Continue doing. Practice some songs and start without an instrument, then check its accuracy with the instrument. Finally sing the entire song without music. See if you find the “key” to the end. Start by trying to “hear” the music in a coherent field.

By the above suggestions, you know what your “best” are key to sing. Bands without good singers are mediocre at best. If you are a singer more. Make recordings of singing your part and go over them. Sing your room without the other voices, then add them. If you are outside, do not be discouraged, just keep trying. I played in groups with people who have never sung and proved to be reliable otherwise excellent singers. If you are lucky enough to have a lot of natural talent, do the exercises from time to time and to remain strong.

Choose the style and sang with emphasis:

If you are a follower of singing and of course try to copy the style and delivery of the singer as close as possible to the original. This is not a bad idea for everyone to start learning a song imitating the singer. Even if you do it yourself, with your own style, it helps to understand what is causing people like the song, then put in your own style from there.

Occasionally you can add flavor to sing a song with an accent, an accent, or grain. USE OF THE DYNAMICS! Built up a song. Shout the chorus, but not through the whole song.

Sometimes you have to compromise on what you think you could sing well and do some songs that are good for the overall group. Do not blow repeat do not feel comfortable. They can become their best songs, you never know.

You do not need a large core of the songs that you feel you are doing your best. They are their stability in that country. Do not compromise to the point that you lose the enthusiasm.

Give a good presentation:

Usually, the singer is the “quarterback” on stage. Sometimes, others may be “before” real, especially in the band with multiple vocalists. Regardless of what you do on stage, showing their enthusiasm. If music is your presentation, then just contact public and keep the tunes rollin ‘. If you have a bit of show and go natural and involve other members of the band. Provide members of the band enough time to prepare for the next song.

If you are in the center, stay focused on the presentation of the song to your audience and that nothing will bother you for the pleasure you experience the intensity or the time it is created.

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