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The life of a character actor

I spent time with my 10 year old niece, Nicole, the way quality time is defined in these days – watch TV – and not in “Zack and Cody” was the adorable geek “Boston Common” simply appointed, DC remembered his motto in an episode was “like the city without all the traffic.” Born in Washington DC appointment inevitably remained in my mind like the skinny guy with the booming voice. In fact, it was the memory active voice, as the man shown in the tube in front of me seemed to have become his voice. Older, of course (that women do not age in Hollywood, because they are not allowed), but short hair instead of flowing as early nineties look I saw in the first frame and full as everyone should be after 15 years. And as pompous dean primary school, it was fun. Fun-ee. Nicole started laughing even as he chided Zach (or was it Cody? Is there a difference?) With a mop in a dream sequence. This may sound silly, but it was good to see.

Then a few weeks later, he was there in “What About Brian?” (Yes, I see. Religiously. Judge me if you want, but ask yourself if you have a guilty pleasure boob or two that you would be embarrassed to admit it. “You’re the one I want,” anyone?) Is paid Zach and haughty, over-the-top cartoon character happily show and Cody got into a little selfish behavior smarmy chief Rick Gomez David Greco. I was just a blow. “Oh, that guy!” I shouted, pointing to the television, but there was nobody in the room. I could not help. I was a fan. There was a man who was so familiar, I do not know his name, I loved his work. As Richard Jenkins. Before he was on Six Feet Under, always clapped their hands for joy when I saw it on the big screen or small. I had not seen “DC Boston Common” occasionally. It was like being with an old friend. I wondered where I might surprise you?

The next time I saw him, I almost peed my pants. As White House counsel simply “24” Fox disagreed with Thomas Lennox Peter MacNichol, trying to place DB Woodside President Wayne Palmer. Well, that was crazy. He had to know that this guy had between “Boston Common” NBC and the fever of the latest features. He hid under the bed for 15 years or if he had been watching not only the good shows? In fact, what is the life of a non-celebrity in Tinsel Town? Who are these people do not always recognize, but whose names have not criticized in the tabloids every week? After all, these people, who work continuously, but whose names are not known, it is actually people who watch most of the time.

After some research on the Internet – from “Boston Common” – I first discovered that “DC” was in fact Douglas DC. Scroll down the impressive list of roles for television and film, I realized that I had missed some time, “ER,” “NYPD Blue,” “Las Vegas,” “Strong Medicine” and a number of other papers are kept busy. I moved quickly on their websites – all five of them, and found their contact information. Easy. So I called him – and he was there, The Voice. He seemed surprised to hear that anyone asked. So surprised, in fact, he laughed – a big, hearty cackle, impossible to describe or imitate. More than you can imagine and strong enough for me to shake the receiver away from my ear. But he was gone. “What,” he said. “You do not work for The Enquirer, right?”

Turns out this is a busy guy. Between acting and voice aircraft, DC is constant and always works. He invited me to join him in a warship in the middle of the night. But he had a good reason is filming of “Deadwater” a ghost ship with Lance Henrikson suspense and James Russo, due out in 2007. So I headed to San Pedro, I boarded the USS lane and talked to him between shots in the belly of the beast.

I was embarrassed, but I got to know “Boston Common”. This is where I saw it, so I guess it was her first major concert. But like most of the players, who had been in many TV shows such as “Coach” and “Melrose Place” and “Boston Common” is supposed to be a co-star in an episode. But Hollywood is unpredictable, and you never know what can help a stranger moving forward. In this case, it was the laughter that almost broke the eardrum when I said I was a line of ten episodes.

Vicki Rosenberg was the casting director for “Boston Common” and DC even had to audition for a line. Once hired, “took me there all week for the producer to go,” he began DC. “It was a fun show and I could not stop laughing and laughing quite loudly and without shame -. I once had a neighbor asked me not to laugh at night because it has remained – so the day after the race through the network, Max Mutchnick and David Kohan (co-creators of “Will & Grace”) told me that “feel free to laugh as much as you want.” So I did. And then I sent a large basket of wine to congratulate the driver. was the first time someone called me to thank me … and Max said that if there were more episodes, they bring me. And they did! age was several episodes before the character name of DC, because they never were unsure if they could take … at first I was hooked on any paper that was strange, but eventually I became ‘DC’ I was there, which has an essentially written for me. was sure that had hit the nail. spent most of the money assuming that I would get beautiful summer repetitions waste “.

And had to laugh as he says, “The show lasted one season and was canceled. No repetition. She went straight to cable and won $ 50 in residuals for 10 episodes.”

So what is a stranger, then? Return to the proverbial hit the pavement, which in Los Angeles is by car.

After fifteen years and countless gallons of gas, has more than a hundred projects to his credit camera. Between them and their busy voiceover career, it does not take another job to pay the bills. “It’s refreshing, I was a horrible boy.” But it took a while to get there. A player having no contact as difficult to get work in Hollywood as a climber to reach the summit of Everest without supplemental oxygen.

The first contact with a player in the food chain along the Hollywood casting director. Unless you can make friends (or lovers, for the more ambitious) to producers, casting directors are connecting a coveted player in this and few jobs available. The first casting director in the Washington DC area was Dava Waite, whom he met when she auditioned for “21 Jump Street”. Did not get the role, but she refers to him as a chameleon and often called as he could. “She felt it was his duty to do my SAG card. Was a Roy Rogers business that I put together and Dava continued to encourage me. Few years later, I did” Coach “with Craig T. Nelson, performing in front of a young star guest, Rob Schneider “. Soon after, in 1996, he laughed until “Boston Common”.

Twenty years later, many casting directors know him and trust him as a professional to work well with stars like James Caan (“Las Vegas”), Sherri Stringfield and Mekhi Phifer (“ER”) and Alyssa Milano Holly Marie Combs ( “Charmed”), Rachel Nichols (“The Insider”) and, of course, as mentioned, Peter MacNichol and DB Woodside of “24”.

And this list is not limited to television, either. With many independent films DC acted with people like Tony Plana (“Ugly Betty”), Krista Allen (“Totally Blonde”), Lorraine Newman (“Saturday Night Live”) and a lot of big names in “The Commission”, which included Martin Sheen, Martin Landau, Sam Waterston, Ed Asner and Corbin Bernsen.

So … No, I have not been hiding under the bed. I can not see all the TV and every independent film ever made. But probably heard more than you own. Especially in recent times that his campaign for GEICO worked for six months. As the front and the voice tags with celebrities that translate into real customers GEICO, DC voice bounces around the nation on television and radio.

As makes a living behind the microphone and in front of the camera, the paths cross occasionally. For the film “Factory Girl” star was not available to record some lines off the screen, so that DC was called to imitate guy imitate Andy Warhol Pierce. “It was trippy.” Said.

At the time of our interview, DC was called to set to be beaten by Lance Henriksen. We covered a lot of ground during the time I was there – a guy on the west coast, talks fast. Ideas, descriptions and a sense of humor seems to forward knots and the auditor should hold on to keep up. I do not care – I’m from New York, after all.

In his absence, I wondered how it goes through periods of drought, if any. I have talked to many people in this business and I heard the claim that the most is that if you’re Tom, Meryl, Julia and Kate, create their own projects. Nobody sends scripts to read if you do not know who you are.

And besides, although co-stars and guest stars on TV shows are good shows, most actors dream of their own sit-com or series. But the reality is that you’re doing well if you have lots of auditions and book this type of paper. And these days, as most of the invited artists are under pressure cascading stars (Madonna on “Will & Grace”, anyone?) Get auditions everywhere a player ahead of most of the beat, shake crowd of people trying to fill their feet around the door of the casting director. DC is one of those actors who was in Hollywood long enough for casting directors know him, like him and know they can count on him. However, it is always difficult. But when there’s nothing else you want – or admission, can not – do you have no choice but to persevere.

For DC, which is part of this form of persistence in creating their own projects. During the next break between takes, denied being a writer, but I know wrote and produced five original award winning short films. In fact, he also directed, edited, animated and acted on them. His most recent project has played the festival circuit is “Duck, Duck, Goose!” – A mixture of European Technicolor romp 60 and postmodern cynicism. Worth seeing, if you want to buy online – won four awards at festivals, including one in DC for Best Actor and Robin Dalea, the “fireball pint sized friend, the talented and beautiful actress in her own right and full foot shorter than me. “Three awards were presented at a party in New Jersey. “They love us in Trenton!”

He is currently in the middle of editing and animation of another project that led pet animal, called “The Crooked Eye”, a short film based on a story written by her mother, Betty Malicoat. Fay Masterson (“Eyes Wide Shut” and “The Man Without a Face”) stars, and should act in front of a green screen all the time. “We fired 78 shots in two days and the first day, we did not air conditioned. Poor Fay was practically a puddle by the end of the day, but was a real trooper. Fortunately, the second day, the air again.”

Looking at his CV to lead, I asked if I continued this line of work too. He shook his head: “I’m having a helluva time continued to be an actor, why would I want to remain a director like” However, he added, if given the opportunity and loved the project? I would.

A party to continue the television industry and film capricious recognize that they are a product and embrace his kind. “I’ll never be a show of beautiful people as the new show Courtenay Cox-Arquette ‘Dirt’ or beautiful youth program as” The OC “Know your place in the market and that this is not a reflection of you as a person “. And laughter, “… but I can not be that bad, I managed to pass the Robin”.

Seeing his demo and individual clips in the last 15 years, the actor has clearly been geek guys. Flock Of Seagulls cup disappeared and the man raised his voice. Type actor to thank genetics and time. (And the financial capacity and the desire of one to fight with modern technology). So a kind of actor is constantly changing and a chip knows what the market. DC is just that, work skills and see together.

Therefore, for operation unknown actor, what is success? “When I’m there, I’ll let you know. I have the strange feeling that I’ll be 85 when finally I have my own set of success and it will not matter much because someone expected to see that success will probably be dead!” And there’s , laughter that seems to carry through it, echoing off the steel walls of the vessel until it is said to suppress AD “Quiet on the set! SAVE cackling laugh!” DC puts his hands to his mouth … and silent laugh.

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