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Music, Art and Perception

I often had this experience with some of my students who practice models, a study, an exercise or air, and get stuck at some point and I can not understand why they can not go further. I say,

“I practiced 100 times, but I can not enter my head.”

I ask: “What do you mean is get into your head?”

They say: “Yes, do not seem to understand what is going on here!”

I wonder: “Do you hear what you’re playing? If you could change the page, then you can play.”

The German language has a different name for the music. Also called “Tonkunst” – which literally means “sound art”.

I explain to students that follows, the music must be perceived by the ears, eyes, and not, as in the case of visual arts (painting, sculpture, etc.), or conscious thought (literary arts).

The ears have a way to “understand” what the eye or the intellect does not. You can know the situation, something that seems totally illogical on paper – “bad” notes used int he melody that does not correspond to a structure consistent agreement or that you can not imagine everything should sound good – but to hear what’s on paper, your eyes tell you that not only sounds good, but is perhaps the most logical choice for the notes or chords. Yes, you can fool your brain.

Your eyes can deceive you too.

My hobby is the martial art of Wing Chun. In Wing Chun, there are exercises or exercises called Chi Sao or “sticky hands”. These exercises to increase their sense of touch. Why? Because in a real situation, when you can be attacked, based solely on his view may be too slow or misleading. The exercises help them “read” opponents of the movement to predict where and how it moves along.

Maybe that’s why they did not focus on ear training in music? Of course!

Is this the reason we focus on developing the skills of melodic / motivic rather than rely on theory chord / scale improvisation? In total.

Rules for the ears!

Everything rises and falls according to the dictates ears. If it looks good on paper and sounds terrible – terrible!

Of course, the verdict is always subjective, and not bad. Your ears can not be judged according to what he knows – his experience – his musical experience. Enhance your music experience / education and become a better judge of his experience and get better results.

As Thelonius Monk has developed his game and style of composition, to many, seemed to stop playing wrong notes. However, he continued to play with the conviction that what I heard was correct and valid, the other also was convinced of his message and music.

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