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How to Write Country Music Lyrics

If you’ve ever sat, tapping your feet to the distinctive sounds of Country Music, marveling at the beat, the guitar chords and above all else – the lyrics, then maybe you’ve sat there and thought: “I could write better songs than that,” or “how it can be difficult to write a song?”

Surprisingly there is to be a creative genius to write a country song really sincere. Country is about the journey, every song tells a sad story extraordinarily deeply personal and more often then pick up a pen and think about “the story of your life”, a story that always makes you cry, the worst time of your life, take your pain inside.
What can you write?

If it hurts, it will work well as a Country Song, if it is painful to discuss, then it’s perfect, here are some ideas:

* Lost Love
* Death
* Unrequited love
* Drugs and Drug Addiction
* Alcoholism
* Life Lessons
* Depression
* Imprisonment
* Cowboys

What if you have no pain?

If you are lucky enough not to have a sad or painful time in your life specifically, just to keep the pain of another person, here are some ideas to help you get your creative juices:

* Listen to country music, head into the right mood
* Watch a very sad movie
* New Image
* Imagine losing someone close to you (warning, could remain depressed for a while)
* Volunteer for a day at a hospice or cancer ward
* Read a sad poem

If all else fails, just start writing and see where it takes you.

You have to plan your lyrics?

The best country songs in the word began as an inspiration and then turned into organized lyrics. Do not start planning the whole song, it takes away the spontaneity, instead start writing and see where it takes you. Then when you have written a first draft very general, you can come back and block, change and adapt, try to stick to one story line at once, do not cross autres’S always more songs for that!

What happens if you can not?

No matter how often you need to change your song to make it right, keep editing and editing, until it sounds right for you, and sends the message and tone you want, remember that it is unlikely that you will write a perfect song first time after all, if you get perfection what’s left to fight?

What about music?

If you are not gifted in music, do not worry, there are plenty of people out there who can play the guitar, which is all you need for a country song, but even if you only know the essentials, it takes much more than add to accompany your song, learn some simple chords that can be repeated.

What is the difference between writing Country Music Lyrics and other lyrics?

Think of Country Music as telling a story, so your words should flow as if you were telling someone what happened, many take the tone of confession, unlike other types of music, is not only in the choir, this is the words!

Will it be a success?

You never know, if you want to make a shot, you have to connect the audience from the beginning of the song, so add something very interesting on the front lines and make it catchy chorus! With a little work, you will surely find your inner Country Music writer, and that writing endless songs in no time!

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