The incredible durability of the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band that existed for a long time on any scale, with a trajectory of more than five periods of ten years. The group has found More »

The RFK Rolling Stones Stadium in Washington DC July 4, 1972

I grew up in the 1960s a big fan of the Rolling Stones. My godmother’s daughter (is this what makes me my granddaughter?) I was the president of the United States of More »

Rolling Stones Music – A Brief History

The Rolling Stones is one of the most popular rock bands in history. They are an English rock band, which was released in April 1962. It was founded by Brian Jones (guitar More »

The origins and scope of the Rolling Stones’ music

The Rolling Stones have been like many other British artists of the 1960s, as they were heavily influenced by rock ‘n’ roll and R & B. They were at the forefront of More »

Musicians and amateurs to take control of surveillance

I am not much in the exaggeration of the show business, but I believe Sunday by November 3 will be remembered years from now as the day of broadcast and cadres of More »

The magic of rolling stones

Unlike many other groups that had begun in the early sixties, the Rolling Stones is still strong. In fact, because the band has been around for so long, many members of the More »

Legendary Band – The Rolling Stones

It could just be another band in the history of rock and roll that reached the heights of popularity that the Rolling Stones have enjoyed throughout their careers. The main difference, however, More »

Magnificent Christmas Jazz Blues

Christmas is a time of great fun and sharing for lovers. The sound of festive music echoed everywhere. In fact there is no better way to add to the festive atmosphere that More »

A Guide for marriage player Home

String Quartet disasters and how to avoid them: A Guide for marriage player Home These concerts disasters occurred worldwide. Well, except you, because you have played only marriages since last Tuesday. string More »

Ten Little Known Facts about Number Ones artists

Browse last volume of the history of numbers poster Ones, I discovered a small collection of musical trivia. I even found two pieces of trivia not know about the Beatles. First, the More »


Experience the miraculous effects of music


Music can be defined as a sound art that expresses feelings, emotions and ideas. It can be presented through the elements of rhythm, melody and harmony through various instruments and voices. It is a way of expressing one’s feelings through different instruments and words. You can not imagine a life without music. Listening to music improves our mental and physical health in many ways. Learning music also has its own benefits, since music training can help increase our IQ.

Benefits of listening to music:

• You can lower the level of stress hormones in your body that affects chronic stress. He can be a stress healer because it has a direct effect on our hormones. It can also be considered a natural antidepressant.

• People who listen or play music have a better immune system than a passive listener.

• For people who suffer from insomnia, listening to the instrument or relaxing classical music before going to bed can help you catch some Zs.

• Listening to music can be useful in reducing pain and emotions. If you have had a break or have lost someone near you; Music can help you overcome feelings of loneliness because it gives you an emotional boost.

• When you listen to music, your brain releases dopamine, a chemical that can increase feelings of happiness, emotion and joy.

• Listening to music is like an exercise for our brain. A person who has some kind of memory problem or brain injury can recover total or partial access to his memory (depending on the severity of the patient) while listening to music. It is also found to be beneficial for the brain health of people of more advanced ages.

• Since our memory has a strong connection to the music we love, it can remind us of old memories, because the rhythm and sound of the music remain in the depths of our minds for a long time.

• No matter the genre, listening to music allows the release of endorphins in the brain that help improve vascular health.

• Listening to music every day for approximately 30 minutes can help reduce stress, decrease heart rate and lower blood pressure.

• It may be strange, but if you listen to soft music in combination with a soft light, you tend to consume less food because you enjoy more than just food.

• It can be a way to spend your time traveling. If you have to drive long distances, listening to music can help you improve your mood while driving and can prevent you from sleeping, which will allow you to behave more safely and reduce the number of accidents. road.

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