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Della Griffin: jazz and R & B Pioneer

Jazz Music

There was also another story behind the longevity club Della Griffin Blue Book. For some reason, his integrity was tested in a lot of money left in the bathroom women who used before and / or after the sample. She did not take. Then, after winning the highest level of confidence, that he was welcome to stay as long as he wanted, which turns out to be more than a decade. Ultimately with mutual feelings of respect and love, the Blue Book has become one of the favorite places Della total.

After the dissolution of his second marriage, Della Griffin, married unsuccessfully last time (Jimmy Walker, whose name he refused to feel it was not worth the time) and resumed his career, which remains in the 21st century .

After opening the Blue Book Club in Harlem in 1973, Della Griffin made for the next 14 years until 1987 when he was seriously injured after being hit by a car in Mt. Vernon, New York. In addition, since 1980, Della resumed work with Etta Jones and joined with Irene Reid. Their efforts resulted in two albums – “I’m going to happen,” and “. Light Travlin ‘”, both produced by Houston Person (born in 1934) and Muse Records When folded recordings, Della Griffin “followed many of his” interpreters “in [the] newly formed HighNote-Savant “label that person produces” Very thought of you “, which was released in 1998. Soon after, due to its high level of performance, Della” Griffin was invited to Finland to attend one of the leading jazz festivals in the country. ” [1]

After his recovery, Della Griffin Frances Kelly and Shirley “Bunny” Foy appeared in “Rhythm & Blues Group Harmony Dan Romanello Revue” on WFUV-FM broadcast Fordham University in New York in 1994 after being “rediscovered by the amateur group harmony Silvani Louie. “[2] After researching Caster and Dell-Tones, Della Griffin has another” set of groups of Dell-Tones, “featuring Frances Kelly, Annette St. John and Gwen Michael, the last two new members. He then made numerous appearances, including “The Heroines of R & B” concert in October 1995, which also included the famous Chantels, jewelry and Vikki Burgess, who barely escaped being elected to replace Gary Sherry dell-Tone forty years before, among others.

In addition to his performances for new acts of Dell-Tones and recording for Muse Records and HighNote-Savant, Della Griffin participated in numerous acts alone in clubs in the region of three states during the 1990s some of these actions are :

Della Griffin and his “All-Stars” in Croton Falls Yonkers, New York in May and June 1992 respectively; a solo performance at the Blue Note Jazz Club and Restaurant at 131 West 3rd Street in New York in April 1991 solo performance New Year in DeFemio restaurant in Yonkers, New York in December 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1997 a performance in December 1994 “Part of Jazz happy holiday very” with Etta Jones and Houston Person at Schoolhouse in Croton Falls, a show entitled “Standards & blues by Della Griffin” in Scarsdale, New York in June 1998 and a performance public Library in White Plains White Plains, New York in March 1999, among others. She was also a frequent performer at the Scottish club in Yonkers, New York, a member of Jimmy Hill Quartet (with jazz musicians Jimmy Hill (1928-2004), Joe Puma (1927-2000), and Etta Jones) that “the popular haunts jazz through the region [New York subway],” [3] a member of Fred Smith “Harlem renaissance Swing Band (show in Hartford, CT Bushnell Park in July 1999) and a battery for Melba Joyce Group in a Mathis Nicki 1998 “the many colors of a woman” [4] also concert in Hartford, CT, and participating in charity concerts for musicians in need. She also performed in Bushnell Park Hartford, CT July 1995 and 1996 as “one of the most valuable … showstoppers” song “it’s not just business Nadie” and “all of me” [5] and Rich Forum in Stamford, CT in February 1998. During the concert in July 1995, which was written, “the singer Della Griffin, tones dressed in pink sweatpants and a matching hat, almost stole the show when she ran to the front of the stage and started singing “All of me ‘in a beautifully grained species lived in the voice …” [6]

Della Griffin continued his musical career in manufacturing aspects of the 21st century in New York, Westchester County and Newark, New Jersey, one including a performance three hours long at the Jazz Café Renaissance at 195 Mulberry Street in May 2003, among others.

While Della Griffin has never had their own children and had a demanding career, he has found time to be a philanthropist. Despite his fame and career 50 + -Year took in 40 foster children, raising a lot of children. As a result, it was known as “Aunt Della” and is described as having a “beautiful enough to evoke Billie Holiday voice (a jazz legend and close friend) and [a] heart big enough to have more than a dozen adopted children. “[7]

When your house Mt. Vernon, New York suffered severe damage fire fire before Christmas in 2004, which was initiated by a house 6 years old a candle accidentally falls, putting a benefit concert featured Irene Reid and Houston person, among others, was carried out by the Jazz Foundation to cover reconstruction costs $ 15,000. Della and some of their adopted children finally returned home rebuilt just before summer 2005.

During his career remarkable pioneer, Della Griffin played in places around the world, including some of the most famous jazz clubs. Two groups of women were also created – Wheels and Dell-Tones, sang for William “Count” Basie band and models, and shared the stage with many legends – “a who’s who of singers jazz blues, including Etta Jones [8 ] “and Gloria Coleman, a singer of soul, among others.

After a “singer who can rely on the performance on the move …” with a “voice [that] fulfills singing songs, weaving their way into your heart …” [9] in the classroom Billie Holiday (for a while husband holiday arrested every week after the death of Billie to hear the interpretation of Griffin “some other spring” because he of his late wife recalled) and Etta Jones, Della Griffin is a legend jazz in its own right, is mentioned in the Encyclopedia of jazz for taking “a step forward [when Wheels and Dell-Tones], a pioneer sets female vocal music group … decided to compete in a circuit normally reserved for men “. when others chose to marry and tend to families and despite the adversities and setbacks that the heart of Della Griffin faced stayed with the music. In his words, “Music gives me great joy. It always makes me smile.” [10]

Besides music, Della Griffin also had other passions. She loved sewing and weaving since she was a child and she enjoyed the food at the Sizzler restaurant (now defunct) in Cross County Center in Yonkers, New York and a supermarket trolley, especially for different types of foods, soft drinks and sweets . At the same time, his favorite colors are purple and black, the latter, which has adopted during his last years.

At the same time, despite his success and fame, as well as the difficult challenges he encountered, Della Griffin’s faith remained strong. Accordingly, it is a model of Christian inspiration – clothes, food, shelter and care to needy children, demonstrated over the years by all foster children cared for and loved as if they were his own blood. Consequently for the love of God to Della, one of his favorites when he could and could hobbies, they took their adopted children in frequent visits to Lourdes of America in the Church of St. Lucie in the Bronx, New York to enrich the spirituality of family and receive blessings holy water from the cave, “which is said to have miraculous healing powers.” [eleven]

A tribute in honor of Della Griffin and contributions to R & B and jazz was held recently by Eleanor Scott Creole club Center in New York June 21, 2006, in recognition of the enduring and indelible mark she left in the world of jazz. This happened five years after a concert “Summer Breeze” on the steps of Mt. Vernon, New York City Hall in which Della Griffin received a plaque by Mayor Ernest Davis in “recognition and gratitude” for his 30 years of contributions to the music and Mt. Vernon. Then she (with a smile) and Etta Jones sang a duet, singing “east of the sun and west of the moon, we will build a dream house of love”, followed by “a standing ovation, even from his fellow musicians . “[12] Ironically, it was one of the last performances Etta Jones before she died of cancer less than three months later.

Moreover, in recognition of the achievements of Della Griffin, Newark (NJ) Star-Ledger wrote when discussing an upcoming jazz concert at Ivy Hill, New Jersey, where David Braham and his jazz band, the Jazz Quartet America was the main attraction – “actually, Braham is a principal organist, who has the backing singers like Irene Reid, Arthur Prysock (1929 b.) and Della Griffin.” [13] Meanwhile, Fairfield (CT) News Citizen wrote when speaking of Antoinette Montague, a local singer who sang jazz and R & B for some time and celebrating the life of jazz great Louis Armstrong in a play – “She focused on the exercise of their profession, pursuit of excellence, meeting the players long as Etta Jones and Della Griffin ago … and establish contacts with musicians.” [14] in addition, the ( CT) Hartford Courant writing about Fred Smith, a trip “workaholic” jazz trumpeter said: “apart from savvy Smith swing, the key assets of the group is the saxophonist David” Bubba Smith, fat tenor saxophonist tones, and Della Griffin, a singer … Small and grandmother looking, Griffin is adorned with a heart-wrenching soul evocative voice that can all but dead old spirit channeled Billie Holiday. Your grainier sound, inhabited delicious. especially when immersed in a song signing party as “Fine and Mellow” with its twisted, melancholy words … “[15] and” the guitarist also played in other albums to come led by McDuff, Hampton, della Griffin and Larry O ‘Neill ” [16] during the discussion Randy Johnston, an artist of jazz and blues.

Today Della Griffin resides in New Rochelle, New York. She is still loved as much as ever and visited daily by a foster child or another. More importantly he sings to raise his voice and enrich life.

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