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Blues guitar lessons – 10 tips to start


If you are a guitarist who always wanted to learn blues guitarist or a beginner who wants to concentrate on playing guitar blues – there are some things you can do to prepare for your trip.

Lay the foundations of a curriculum in advance – instead of bouncing around grabbing bits of information here and there – is that your progress to become a blues guitarist runs much faster.

In that spirit, here are some ideas to get you going. Some of them are specific guitar techniques – while others relate more to conceptual approaches.

1. Treat blue as a unique genre of music – blues is considered the forerunner of rock and roll. The origins of rock music back to the early blues of the Mississippi Delta, and although many similarities in blues music evolved into the rock of today, it is important to address the guitar lessons blues as a separate and unique entity.

2. Learn the basic blues chord progression – Meat and bones blues is the I, IV, V chord progression. The “a”, “four”, “five” chord progression is simply based on the first, fourth and fifth stages of the scale, and is the basis for most of the structures of the blues songs.

3. Learn the basic blues scale – Many blues solos are loosely based on the notes of the minor pentatonic scale. Although there are many additional variants and notes can be added to scale when playing blues leads – familiar with the minor pentatonic scale it is a great place to start with blues guitar lessons.

4. Learn the different time signatures blues – There are several common tempos in the blues, including revisions, slow rhythms and straight 4/4 or 6/8 12/8 beats. These different tempos are important to give a blues song feel different.

5. learn to “hear” the blues – Once the I, IV, V progression of the agreement is learned and understood, an ear develops to hear that progress and be able to recognize instantly, even in modern songs like ” Sweet Home Chicago “and blues related to” pride and joy. “

6. Learn blues licks and riffs – Many Licks solos heard in rock today goes back to the blues. Chuck Berry was famous for taking old blues riffs and apply them to rock and roll. Later, subsequent generations have guitarists Chuck Berry licks and incorporate them into modern rock. So it goes without saying that learning the nuances and subtleties of blues licks and riffs as they were played at first, it will take you a long way in their own capabilities across a number of genres.

7. Learn guitar slide – The old guitar technique slip neck of the bottle is another cornerstone of blues music, which evolved over the years in modern compositions. slide riffs start of Elmore James, Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters inspired a new generation of guitarists Duane Allman slide, Rory Gallagher, Bonnie Raitt and Derek Trucks. Any aspiring blues guitarist would be well served to include in its program of lessons blues guitar slide guitar.

8. Listen to the big blue – Immerse yourself and your senses in the first recordings of blues as well as more modern artists. Pay special attention to pioneers like T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Elmore James – as well as future generations, including B. B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton and Robert Cray.

9. “Steal” lame – Listening to the biggest, take your guitar and steal a shot or two. This can be a challenge to begin with, but you can find scales and blue patterns learned, the process will be much easier. You will be surprised what is lame “steal” will become gradually large blue incorporated into its own style of play.

10. “feel” blues – The blues is all about the “feel” and emotion. African-American songs begin to lament the trials and tribulations of life of slaves in the south – the most modern interpretations of lost love blue and fortune – playing blues guitar is only complete when played with feeling.

This is probably the most important tip of all and unfortunately no amount of blues guitar lessons can teach a guitarist who plays with emotion.

Once the techniques are learned, and the mechanics of playing blues guitar mastered until they become second nature, guitarist aspiring then blues, can tap into the emotional side of sadness for the “fall take “process of thinking and playing guitar from the heart.

It is one of the essential elements needed to play authentic blues and be taken seriously as blues guitarist. And even if it is something that can be learned, not something that can be taught.

As you begin your program of blues guitar lessons, consider these tips to stay on track. Focusing time, practice and technical effort – and “feel” and the emotional side – you will be rewarded with the joy of playing the blues for years to come!

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