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Best musical instruments for kids under 5

As a parent , I am sure you are surprised by the amount of musical toys on the market. We all like the idea of ​​introducing our children to the music , but the instruments have to buy ? Does my child really need 3 years $ 300 guitar? As a professional musician and father of a child who is currently treating this question, I will try to greatly simplify the process for you in a way that will save you money without compromising your child’s musical explorations . My focus will be on the presentation of the costs ( wood , handmade, fair trade , sustainable ) alternative to cheese plastic instruments sold in most toy stores . I like the idea of ​​finding the tools to be – those who have the potential to be played for a lifetime assuming that young children survive – or at least can be saved as a keepsake. This toy drum adorned with popular cartoon characters will not have much after 5 years , and is destined for a landfill.

The first thing I do is different musical toys musical instruments. For clarity , I define a musical instrument as any device that has a direct correlation between the action and the height of a child. For example , hitting a drum, plucking a string , striking a key, or blowing air through it the result of a tone or not produced . I will even go further and say that there must be a way to play a real melody ( note for note ) on the toy in a way that a real musical instrument (excluding drums and percussion instruments like shakers ) looks like. It’s hard to put into words , but will clear as you read.

Working from this definition , most of the paintings and toy guitar music without strings and lots of flashy buttons do not qualify as musical instruments. I’m not saying that these toys are bad or useless ( purists vehemently disagree) – simply that they are not musical instruments. We have an activity table that I thought I would not, but as I watched my son to find out more about him and “commander” , was that we began to see some value. At 2, he could play the ” count to ten Song ‘ and’ Alphabet Song ‘as he sang. However, try to keep toys with bright ones at least .

I should mention that some of the other instruments are handmade and imported . Some of the retailers to display products to ensure they are not made with toxic materials . If you have questions or concerns about a particular instrument , please contact the store directly before buying.

I should also mention that this article is only intended as a brief guide to help you start your search. Obviously, it is not possible to cover all musical instruments on the market , but hopefully my research will save you a lot of time and help you make informed decisions for their ( pun ) purchase.

Avoid the frustration is the key
For children under 5 , the music should be all about the game and the joy of discovery . You do not want to frustrate your child by introducing an instrument beyond its capabilities. Of course , every child is different in terms of capacity building, and that will determine whether a particular instrument is too advanced. In this case, you can simply put the instrument away and try again in six months or a year.

Percussion instruments for children
The obvious starting point is with percussion instruments ( maracas , drums , tambourines, etc. ..) , as they are the most primitive and able to provide immediate satisfaction. However, most parents are not aware of alternatives to plastic substance for children islands found in toys . Remo Percussion has a cool line called ” Remo Kids Percussion ” , and Meinl Percussion has a kid line called “Nino Percussion ” , with the best tools in my opinion. The range of products Nino certainly has staying power as instruments and memorabilia. Jamtown is a great source for more eclectic Fair Trade instruments with a great line of shakers and drums handmade souvenirs that are definitely worth it.

Plan Toys is an environmentally making wooden toys from recycled rubber and green color pigments society . They get big points for that. However, most instruments do not have much beyond the first years of life . Their toy instruments tend to be more for ages 1-3 , and my favorite is the drum of solid wood. It can produce three different sounds and is an excellent example of an early instrument that you can play for a while. It is also a pleasant memory.

According to the child, drum sets often require motor skills beyond the abilities of a child to be played correctly. However, if your child goes to a Drum by all means go for it – especially if a family member already plays the drums and can instruct your child the basics.

And do not forget the boxes and pots and pans are large empty drums less!

Also in the field of percussion percussion instruments such as toy pianos , xylophones and glockenspiel are pitched . These make great instruments for children because there is a direct correlation between action and height , and do not require motor skills or touch typing . The only thing to bear in this area is that there are many on the market that are not in tune ( the notes do not match the scale) – make noise makers , rather than instruments. The best way to search is to read the online retail sites . The reactions of parents in this area is invaluable, and the price difference between listening and not – listening is negligible.

Finally, my favorite percussion instrument for kids is the Kalimba . The Kalimba is an African instrument that is played by plucking teeth or keys with your thumbs . Also known as a thumb piano or mbira . There are lots of versions of import kalimbas online, but most of them do not claim to be for kids and consistency / quality seems to be a big problem. List some good sources on my website . The Kalimba is another excellent example of an instrument of power remain . You will be able to play for a living .

Wind Instruments for children
Buying a wind instrument for children under 5 years is a bit tricky , because you want to be sure you have the lung capacity and old enough to understand the concept. Unlike the removal of only a percussion instrument and produce a tone, wind instruments require your child to blow and finger at the same time. As a result , most wind instruments for children older than 3 years are recommended. Again, I think you can present before, especially if a family member gets to play a wind instrument .

Unfortunately, there are few alternatives to plastic versions cheese trumpets , saxophones, clarinets and simply because the legitimate versions are beyond the ability of most children under 5 years. In addition , actual product may potentially cause problems with the mouth developing your child and facial structure.

Hip alternative includes flute and Ocarinas sold Jamtown Suling . Recommended for children over 3 years. I bought two for my 2 1/2 years and were definitely too advanced for him. I’ll try again when turns 3.

Harmonicas are also popular for kids of wind instruments and are tuned to a particular scale so that there is no ” wrong notes ” . Hohner Harmonicas made ​​for 150 years and is a good place to start.

String Instruments for Kids
Strings are really very difficult for children under 5 years, if you want to be careful not to introduce too soon. Guitars and violins require a child to do two actions simultaneously to produce a melody : fret the string with one hand while strumming , plucking or bowing the string with the other. They also require a fair amount of finger strength . Finally , even if your child can handle the first two actions , producing a pleasant tone musically is not easy .

For this reason , guitars and violins are not instruments that most children under 4 years old can go alone . They really need a formal form of education, whether in private or in groups.

A ukulele is perfect for little hands and is a real plastic electronic guitars with all buttons and flashing lights alternative. At least it has strings (4 ) and is made of wood. However, most of the toy ukuleles do not hold their agreement, so if you want an instrument that can grow with your child , I would spend a little more and buy a “real” . Again, read reviews online to find holding their agreement. It will cost about $ more than the toy version 20 , and it will also be nice on a shelf if it survives the early years. The Lanikai LU – 21 Soprano Ukulele is a good example of a good instrument for beginners.

If you are looking for a real guitar or violin , I highly recommend a visit to your local dealer . This is the best approach rather than trying to find the right online tool . In addition , a local dealer may also be able to provide lessons.

Discovered Lyres while I was researching for this article. They seem to be very cool, they do not have to worry about a child with one hand and pull the rope with the other like a guitar. Send a ladder , pulling the strings , and no “bad” notes. Most include songbooks and tuning instructions so you need some musical knowledge to implement and maintain . The only resistance is that they are quite expensive (about $ 130 ), but if you consider that you can read for many years, the extra cost does not seem so exorbitant . Plus they are beautiful looking instruments , and are certainly worthy of remembrance. I suggest find a YouTube video of someone playing a lyre to see in action.

Time for lessons ?
This is a good time to put in place when you really need to start formal classes for a child. There is a great debate in this area, but certainly if your child expresses a wish and then go for it . However, the conventional wisdom is that during this period , music and instruments are more than one activity and formal education is not necessary. Most agree that the time tutoring begins at 5 years , depending on the child . “Tiger Mom” would disagree , but I’ll leave that interest and scans my child be the guide in recent years . I also remember wanting to take piano lessons at age 7 or 8, and I started at age 11 .

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