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As heavy metal sound therapy music ?

heavy metal sound therapy music

Every time I stand to groups about sound therapy or talk to people in the trade shows , I often get expressions of concern and questions about heavy metal music . These are valid concerns , so I decided to look more closely. My closer look gave an interesting idea.

Heavy metal has been a personal journey for our family. Our son , Matt, is the guitar in a heavy metal band . This is your favorite music. It’s an incredibly talented guitarist . Matt is also an early indigo child and one of the wise old souls I know. If I need advice , I often ask Matt . It is one of the most kind, compassionate , happy and genuine people I know .

Heavy metal has touched our family in a very personal way when Matt entered the tenth year of high school. For the second term , Matt suffered from clinical depression. For him, it was a real dark night of the soul.

Drugs and intervention refused since it was based on your own inner wisdom and healing. From an early age , this wise old soul chose to treat . Remember, a broken arm, was taken to hospital. The doctors were amazed at how quickly it healed .

What he found in this dark night of the soul is an expression of what was going through the form of heavy metal music . If he was very angry, for example, would play music very angry , we connect to our ears , and was soon to leave his quiet room.

Now, Matt regularly shares with me YouTube videos of your favorite bands and artists. We happily share our wonderful guitarists and musical techniques that some of these achievements. I also shared with him my concern about the content of some of the songs and their effect on him. As a musician and sound healer and energy of classical training , I had serious reservations about this style of music .

Many people enthusiastically condemn heavy metal music . You may even be aware of a prosecution against two or a band with respect to their influence on young people. I think calling it a “bad” and push under the rug may not be the best thing to do.

Music and art are a reflection of what happens in the heart , mind and soul of humanity. With heavy metal music , I think we’re looking right into our collective shadow . What is the content of this shadow ? Death , anger , fear , disease, sex, repressed weaknesses , shortcomings and instincts . Welcome to Heavy Metal .

Each of us is a mixture of light (such as compassion ) and shade ( like dark thoughts of anger ) . We love to avoid shadows. The problem is that most avoid or suppress us becomes darker .

Sometimes we have to turn off all the lights and sit in the dark to understand the nature of the dark. Sometimes this experience is the dark night of the soul, where we face our own dark side .

Humanity as a whole is an evolution of consciousness at this time and part of this change involves understanding and creating a relationship with our collective shadow . As an individual, a part of the unconscious mind becomes conscious . As a species , a part of our collective unconscious becomes conscious and got a good look . As a result , humanity is experiencing a dark night of the collective soul.

The great psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote about the shadow and coined the term collective unconscious . One of the things he said , ” To meet a person with his shadow is to show him his own light. ” ( Good and Evil in Analytical Psychology ( 1959). In Works 10. Civilizations transition p. 872. )

He said : ” . One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious ” ( The Philosophical Tree (1945 ) In Collected Works 13: Alchemical Studies .., p 335. )

The gift of music heavy metal is that it forces us to look at our collective shadow . We pushed under the carpet for millennia. He grew deep and dark it. Bubbled through music and art , which forces us to take a good look and make decisions about what we see.

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