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A Guide for marriage player Home

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A Guide for marriage player Home

Wedding Party

String Quartet disasters and how to avoid them: A Guide for marriage player Home

These concerts disasters occurred worldwide. Well, except you, because you have played only marriages since last Tuesday. string quartets play at weddings for over two decades and have learned, sometimes bad you do not have that terrible moment when the emphasis of the happy couple violinist instantly mortified. Come right in!

The God’s anger

I played a wedding outdoors, and the weather was perfect. 70 degrees, cloudy sky, blue, exactly what the bride waited. We finished the prelude and the entrance bridal party and the bride began March. This was new to us; Love actually came out in theaters, it was our first time to play All you need is love. The bride started walking down the hall, and a huge gust of wind, the first on a calm day before, just exploded all over our side of the music of the stands. We had repeated before, thank God, but customers still could enjoy the view of our crazy violinist chasing eight pages of results while the rest of us improvised furiously. We made it through, but it was a near thing.

Time can pass quickly strangely. Pages must always be in binders when playing outside, and pages must be securely attached to the pits. music stores sell long video clips just for this spring; I used clothespins dollar store. (They are cheaper, and I do not care if they get lost or broken.) Anyway, use something! It can feel like an eternity between the bridal party and the entrance of the bride, while connecting clips, but unless cellist in Pachelbel’s Canon is better than having his coup closed off base book or center thereof. Also, make sure you sit in a place where, if it starts raining, it is not necessary to make a script worthy of it. It is only in my contract ceremony, “… protected quartet needs a place to play in bad weather.” (You have a contract, right?)

What are you running?

In one of my first concerts of the union, in college, we had a band borrowed, and other things we had in the university library, including two music albums Handel water. During the prelude, the best man came and told us that the bride took five minutes for some brides need five more minutes, and I could play one more song? I say! “Okay, Handel Hornpipe” We hope tore found Chirimía, he began to play … and quickly realized that there was a Chirimía in the two books for about two measures, which was rather hoarse as we understood what was happening, and we got some funny looks of the guests in the front row.

Having good books on marriage takes time and effort, not to mention money. First, you need a list of essential wedding music. There are hundreds of people online; I will not waste time in this trial. Once you understand what you need and when you receive it, you need to be organized. The best string quartets I’ve played with volume, categorized, counted books. Mina are divided into large sections; Cafemusik classic wedding, tango, rock / pop, ragtime, jazz and popular culture. Each section has a record of color, and the pieces are numbered. If I want Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, which is “blue tab, the number 1.5.” Por Una Cabeza “orange 6.” You can find easy and fast music, and keeps everyone on the same page. I probably a dozen minuets Menuettos in books, but it makes us all on the same page!


While this early marriage in March, who spoke a moment ago? Well, there was a good way to hide it. I cut the quartet gave the bride a shame “sorry” shrug, and gave a great comic signal when the priest gave us an equally comical “OK, NOW!” Wink.

The best defense against this kind of thing is to get the concert early. Very early. It often happens in marriages at least 30 minutes, and sometimes up to an hour before the prelude music will begin. If it is a long drive, I give extra time. If you are outside or have never been to the place, the extra time. This ensures that you have time to do several things:

* Check the physical configuration and ensure that we have chairs, enough space, and if, shade and / or coverage of adequate rainfall.

* Find the wedding planner and ask many in the wedding party, we’ll be playing all what we have not found yet about (I can not tell you how many times I heard him say, “Oh, we do a ceremony on the sand, you can play something for that? “) and, above all, give us the signal to start the music input. Usually, it is the wedding planner, but if there are none, it could be Aunt Mathilda, who may need gentle guidance on how to report a string quartet length of a cathedral church.

* Finally, find the celebrant or celebrant (which actually performs the marriage) and find out what’s the last you will say before the new couple again walking down the aisle at the end. Usually, but not always, the introduction. ( “Now I have the honor to present, for the first time, John and Mary Whatchamacallum!)

Great! I’m ready to play weddings!

Well maybe. There are always things that come up. I actually had a wife decide the day with a packed church, which today would be the day. How is this handled? (I’ll say. You play Mozart until the guests left, then tactfully ask her father for the rest of his fee.) Preparation goes only so far. At some point, the experience will start and then will be playing weddings is a very good way to make a living …

… Unless you’re cellist, and Pachelbel’s time.

Smeltz Ted is a native of Buffalo, New York and violin performance degree from Baldwin-Wallace College and Fredonia State College. He participated in the Festival of Music Bay View, Michigan, in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he presented NPR today’s performance. Ted is a quartet of string players to life, playing with the Quartet Con Brio, Lake Erie Quartet, First Quartet and String Quartet Presto. It also occurs with the Chamber Orchestra of Erie, Western New York Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestra was Clarence, Buffalo unlimited Opera, and played violin and viola for the theater and musical productions of Pirates of Penzance in Young Frankenstein. Currently he is the leader of Queen City chains, a quartet of classic rock and chain based in Buffalo, New York.

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