The incredible durability of the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band that existed for a long time on any scale, with a trajectory of more than five periods of ten years. The group has found More »

The RFK Rolling Stones Stadium in Washington DC July 4, 1972

I grew up in the 1960s a big fan of the Rolling Stones. My godmother’s daughter (is this what makes me my granddaughter?) I was the president of the United States of More »

Rolling Stones Music – A Brief History

The Rolling Stones is one of the most popular rock bands in history. They are an English rock band, which was released in April 1962. It was founded by Brian Jones (guitar More »

The origins and scope of the Rolling Stones’ music

The Rolling Stones have been like many other British artists of the 1960s, as they were heavily influenced by rock ‘n’ roll and R & B. They were at the forefront of More »

Musicians and amateurs to take control of surveillance

I am not much in the exaggeration of the show business, but I believe Sunday by November 3 will be remembered years from now as the day of broadcast and cadres of More »

The magic of rolling stones

Unlike many other groups that had begun in the early sixties, the Rolling Stones is still strong. In fact, because the band has been around for so long, many members of the More »

Legendary Band – The Rolling Stones

It could just be another band in the history of rock and roll that reached the heights of popularity that the Rolling Stones have enjoyed throughout their careers. The main difference, however, More »

Magnificent Christmas Jazz Blues

Christmas is a time of great fun and sharing for lovers. The sound of festive music echoed everywhere. In fact there is no better way to add to the festive atmosphere that More »

A Guide for marriage player Home

String Quartet disasters and how to avoid them: A Guide for marriage player Home These concerts disasters occurred worldwide. Well, except you, because you have played only marriages since last Tuesday. string More »

Ten Little Known Facts about Number Ones artists

Browse last volume of the history of numbers poster Ones, I discovered a small collection of musical trivia. I even found two pieces of trivia not know about the Beatles. First, the More »


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Adele’s new music continues to break our hearts and we still love her


After almost 4 years of rest, Adele Atkins returned with the release of her album “25” at the end of 2015. When she released her single, “Hello”, it became an instant sensation. Like her previous albums, Adele’s new music presents songs about pain, separation and the fall of love. Adele has definitely mastered the art of singing songs about pain.

It is not surprising that his song “Hello” has collected 1.2 million digital downloads and 61.2 million transmissions only in its first week. First debuted on the Billboard Top 100. Of course, it was not the first time that his song debuted. It was already the fourth of Adele’s singles to be the first at the time of its release. “Hello” took the world by surprise and that allowed him to sell more than 10 million copies of albums in the United States at the end of 2016.
To top it off, she swept all the awards for which she was nominated for the 2017 Grammys, including Album of the Year. People loved her even more when she dedicated her victory to Beyoncé, who all hoped to win the Album of the Year. She showed her love for Queen B and how she was inspired by her songs. She also said that Beyoncé’s lemonade was monumental and she felt ashamed to accept the price. He even voted for Lemonade to win, as revealed in a behind-the-scenes interview.

The best theater shows in London

theatre in london

The West End of London is one of the most famous theater areas in the world. West End is the London version of Broadway, nicknamed “Theaterland.” Theatreland consists of a large number of first class theaters that offer a variety of high quality shows that both visitors and locals can enjoy. Some of the shows have been for years and they still enjoy a house full with each performance.
The first theatrical performance for 2017 that deserves mention is Motown the Musical. This is seen in the Shaftesbury Theater and guarantees to delight all ages. Motown the Musical is a fantastic music night with an interesting stage. Tickets start at just £ 22.00.
Then there is an American in Paris and you certainly do not want to miss this one if you visit London this year. An American in Paris is an award-winning Tony musical that came from Broadway after winning four Tony awards. He plays Dominion Theater with tickets starting at £ 18.50 only.

Learning Piano VS Keyboard

learning piano

When it comes to learning and playing the piano, there are clear differences between the acoustic and electric instruments that you will want to consider. For practical reasons, you should also find what will be easiest for you to own and maintain.

A digital piano is a versatile choice for those who wish to learn many styles or have not yet discovered their musical preferences. A pianist can successfully learn traditional styles – such as classics, blues or piano jazz – as well as more modern electronic music with a keyboard. This latter style is not achieved so easily on an acoustic piano without quality recording equipment and a talent for mixing software.

However, while there are excellent piano electronic replicas (and the option of buying standard pedals), many classical pianists prefer the feel of an acoustic piano; In this case, consider …

How to Play Easy Songs on a Keyboard

play song

Play these chords in the 2 octaves below the middle C on your piano. They are in groups of two and three through the keyboard. Because of this as a substitute for a G chord, we will use an agreement with the basis of a tritone interval of G, that is, three complete steps. Adding a part of a chord title means you need to add a warning. This means they will take some copies (maybe 2 to 6) and after a number of months you will settle with you on what they are promoting. Soon after, it will probably be time to teach another scale. Experiment with the number of measurements (time) that are remaining on each string. Electronic Keyboards and Time Period Keyboards are sometimes grouped into a single massive class group, which actually consists of many different types of machines. Using a variety of devices, you can recreate the theme “Pirates of the Caribbean” yourself.

Follow these five steps and you can learn to play the piano one hundred percent. This can be a great way for people to show their children how to learn music and play the piano. Drums are not usually thrown and can be used with any harmony or key to simply say FL Studio when playing a percussion string is all there is. When you look at the structure of a piano, you will find that the black keys are grouped in 2, then 3, 2 and then 3. There are actually only five completely different black keys on a piano. The idea behind a music rhythm creator is that it will allow a music author to release a good time after which there are enough tracks and samples to add a hook. They just look at the piece of music and are able to hear? the note before them. Place the lips on the tip of the harmonica in the desired space.

Here is the table of Minor Agreements. The triples ii, iii, vi and vii are smaller. These are F Major, G minor, Minor. I call these notes “Add on” because, although they produce totally different sounds, they are still called A-G. For example, if the main measure is four shift notes (C, D, E, F), you say the names of the letters while clapping your palms. In case it is, I have to inform you that I have the same aspirations that you have. These classic online pianos complete the alpha informing you of the additive and the basic chords. Pianos are complex instruments that require the most skill. The times to avoid when writing inexperienced music are allegros and presto. Improve your music memory and your ear. Of course, there is a focus to emphasize on the scores. A Keyboard Keyboard Template is one of the best versatile instruments that a music coach has! It is water resistant, and the protective layer prevents the keyboard from being attacked by mud and various contaminants.

Piano chords are totally different from the piano notes that are the sounds they produce when you press individual keys on the piano. Packages, Adobe Reader and QuickTime are required. Is there an affordable rationalization for the relative reputation of secure agreements? Please note: This method requires that you already know ALL the 4 fundamental chords in ALL 12 keys. Sometimes this lesson will contain the location of knowledge known as center C and will take the focus into account. Fender, Burns, Vox and different guitar designs with simple and thin coils will probably be the best estimate. Other effects comparable to delay, chorus, phaser and reverb can be added depending on the options available in guitar amplifiers or using effects pedals / multi effects. Both must rely on two strokes before going to the next half note or failing the foot twice at regular intervals. Even probably the most talented pianists started in the background and had to make their way.

Do you need to study the piano correctly? Inventor Benjamin Miessner had designed a standard vertical amplified piano in the 1930s and Wurlitzer used his electrostatic pickup design, but replaced the strings with beaten steel bars. The new speaker system offers the intricate and intricate detail of piano sound, probably in the most correct way, ranging from clear, delicate tones to powerful bass. 

For the love of country music and acoustic guitar

acoustic guitar

Country music is becoming popular today. With such big names as Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood and Sugarland, no doubt this type of music is listed as one of the best bands of the era. It is incredible how the country has become something as gigantic as it is today in modern times, when pop music and techno music appear everywhere.

The best thing about country music is supposed to be writing songs. These songs seemed to have more passion and heart when they listened to him. It unleashes this connection between its listeners that makes it one of the most famous music styles. This type of music usually tells a story that people tend to relate to.

Top 10 Things to Look for in a Guitar Teacher

guitar teacher

Finding what to look for in a guitar teacher can be a daunting task. There is always uncertainty and doubt about whether or not you will have good chemistry with your teacher. After all, you put yourself in a vulnerable position, make mistakes and do things you can not do well in the presence of a stranger. The following list of the 10 best things to look for in a guitar teacher will help you in your search for a teacher and guide you in your choice to find out who should study the guitar.

1. Preparation

Knowing that your guitar teacher has a teaching plan and takes notes actively while playing, this is a good indicator that he is not only trying to take his money. Some guitar teachers charge a lot, but offer little or no feedback on their performance during classes. When a teacher is prepared, you will get more bang for your money. “Preparation” means more precisely that the guitar instructor has:

A) A large database of audio files of songs to be taught. A database of around 40,000 songs is a great advantage

A history of punk music

punk music

The first wave of punk was to move away from the demand and the rock seed of the punkies of 1970 tried to dismantle the small acts that are celebrated today as the pre-eminent rock and roll. The rock no longer represented the left field, for the rebels, for the counterculture. Naked and pure is the way they wanted it, unlike the higher musical effects and the emphasis on musical virtuosity that had become a staple of rock and roll. In December 1976, the English fanzine Patillas published an article containing an illustration detailing how to play three chords and the instruction: “Now, form a group.” Some original English punk characters have rejected not only their contemporaries but also their predecessors, including Elvis, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Many on the scene achieved nostalgic, nihilistic feelings development turned into an economic recession, unemployment and disillusionment in the late 1970s in Britain.

12 Bar Blues Guitar – blues guitar lesson free


Join me as I take a look at some tips and advice on mastering blues guitar. Let’s analyze what the fundamentals are blue, and the importance of improvisation, and the benefits of repetitions with guitar accompaniment.

blues guitar is one of the most artistically expressive forms of the guitar that exists today. Not many guitarists know, but the blues is the basis of a variety of different genres that are popular today, including rock, heavy, metal, and even hip-hop. There is a lot involved in any game mature blues guitar, and a lot of time and dedication needed to remove it.

Discover new music with your wireless Internet connection

new music

Most people have this favorite group they are listening to repeatedly. While having a favorite group is a fun thing, there is something to be said about finding new fun music. One of the best sources for finding music is the Internet. There are many ways in which music can be discovered, bought and appreciated. With a wireless internet connection, you have everything you need to expand your music library. If you start getting bored with the same songs every day, be sure to go ahead and diversify your selection of music.

A great way to find new music is to listen to radio stations online. There are many resorts that have recently appeared in which they introduce a couple of songs or favorite artists and they will start playing music by other groups that look similar. This is a great way to experience music you have not heard before or have heard recently. Once you have used your mobile broadband connection to connect to a website, you can record the different artists you like and dig up more information about them later.

Which Cannes films could become Oscar contenders?

Cannes Movies

Although the awards season does not begin in earnest until fall, two of the top film festivals in the first half of the year often provide their fair share of potential opponents to the Oscars. In January, the Sundance Film Festival has created decent dramas as it calls me by your name and Mudbound, and now it’s time for the Cannes Film Festival to weigh. Several first Cannes films contained in the last race of the Oscars, including Best Film nominees against wind and tide, best actress also send Isabelle Huppert (for her) and Ruth Negga (for Amar), the nominee for the original screenplay of the lobster and Best foreign language film The Seller. She has the culture of Cannes this year produced a group of strong competitors? Leave the field so far and watch the Oscar races became more interesting.

One of the strongest competitors will be the Todd Haynes movie, marveling, an adaptation of a book by Brian Selznick floating among a deaf girl in the 1920s and 70s, a boy whose audience was stripped after lightning. Haynes, a consummate stylist, set up a beautiful film that must compete in various technology categories, including best photography for Ed Lachman (recently nominated for Haynes Carol Video Recording), Best Costume Design for three times winner Sandy Powell, and his Shot stronger in the win, the best score by Carter Burwell, who did a titanic job with a film that stretches for long periods of time without spoken dialogue.

Appointments are possible in appropriate scénarisme, production design and editing, and since the Academy is always a coward for makeup age, a late onset of Julianne Moore in a false nose and Wonderstruck prosthetic cramps could help compete for The best make-up and hairdresser. Moore herself, in a double role, is still not enough filmed to present a significant challenge to the best supporting actress; Same Michelle Williams, who came and went as the child’s mother in the 1970s, but the two categories that highlight Wonderstruck are arguably the best film and best director. I do not think one is a slam dunk: Carol got six nominations, but not both keywords and marvels, although welcome, is not so aroused so much passion for his predecessor Croisette. However, the deep pocket Amazon Studios, encouraged by the success of this season of the Oscars with Manchester by the Sea, is likely to push with astonishment.

Another potential threat is The Seducer, Sofia Coppola’s remake of a 1971 film by Clint Eastwood, when a soldier wounded in the Civil War, who recovers from an all-girl boarding school in Virginia, triggers a chain reaction between the women. The painter’s film compositions deserves absolutely a nomination for the best photography, and DP Philippe Le Sourd scored his first Oscar nomination a few years ago by Grandmaster Wong Kar-wai. I suspect the costumes Stacey Battat also argue, as they are important throughout life and the Academy loves a good time roasted time.

Something else will depend on whether the seducer, a summer version has legs to make it through the storm of falling contenders awards. Although I liked the Beguiled over Wonderstruck, I think Academy voters could find an “entertainment” plus an Oscar movie (a strange distinction, I know, but significant), which could limit Coppola’s chances at two First categories, unless the jury of Cannes gives its approval. However, I hope people will consider Kirsten Dunst’s performance support throughout the year. It’s subtle and heartbreaking as the teacher is most supported by Private Colin Farrell, and this is the best great screen job he’s done for years.