The incredible durability of the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band that existed for a long time on any scale, with a trajectory of more than five periods of ten years. The group has found More »

The RFK Rolling Stones Stadium in Washington DC July 4, 1972

I grew up in the 1960s a big fan of the Rolling Stones. My godmother’s daughter (is this what makes me my granddaughter?) I was the president of the United States of More »

Rolling Stones Music – A Brief History

The Rolling Stones is one of the most popular rock bands in history. They are an English rock band, which was released in April 1962. It was founded by Brian Jones (guitar More »

The origins and scope of the Rolling Stones’ music

The Rolling Stones have been like many other British artists of the 1960s, as they were heavily influenced by rock ‘n’ roll and R & B. They were at the forefront of More »

Musicians and amateurs to take control of surveillance

I am not much in the exaggeration of the show business, but I believe Sunday by November 3 will be remembered years from now as the day of broadcast and cadres of More »

The magic of rolling stones

Unlike many other groups that had begun in the early sixties, the Rolling Stones is still strong. In fact, because the band has been around for so long, many members of the More »

Legendary Band – The Rolling Stones

It could just be another band in the history of rock and roll that reached the heights of popularity that the Rolling Stones have enjoyed throughout their careers. The main difference, however, More »

Magnificent Christmas Jazz Blues

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The incredible durability of the Rolling Stones

the rolling stones

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band that existed for a long time on any scale, with a trajectory of more than five periods of ten years. The group has found both ways to stay relevant and very consistent. The vitality and passion in this Rolling Stones vinyl from the classic rock era is to find a CD offered in the last ten years. The unit continues to sell quickly shows its wide global tours. This is the closest thing to a rock institution that exists.

After meeting in the early 1960s, the Stones were able to take advantage of the British invasion phenomenon to win followers around the world. The difference between the stones and most of the movement’s groups, however, was that their sound, from the beginning, was heavily influenced by the blues and R & BA mid-decade, used a combination of rock, jazz and The folk. They began to try psychedelic time to release a single before returning to a more blues, even though it was tinted more countries and pure rock than their original sound.

The blues-country-rock cross the Stones have taken in the late 60’s lasted several music albums through the mid 70’s. The relevancy of the band was in jeopardy by the end of the decade, however, as innovative moves Of popular music became very popular. With additional reinvention that swept them with punk, disco, and reggae in their work, however, all five pieces were back in the crux of things.

The RFK Rolling Stones Stadium in Washington DC July 4, 1972

Mick Jagger

I grew up in the 1960s a big fan of the Rolling Stones. My godmother’s daughter (is this what makes me my granddaughter?) I was the president of the United States of the Rolling Stones fan club in 1966. I had all his records and I was dying to see them playing live.

So imagine my joy when the spring of 1972 have become tickets available for a concert July 4 at the RFK Stadium. They sold quickly, but I managed to get a couple. Time passed very slowly for me between this day and the day of the concert.

We all piled up in the VW My friend and we left. Does this place make it useful? Can not wait with respect to the original. We hope this will help you in your research. Thank you for your understanding.

So there we were, with 5 hours to kill before Stevie Wonder was to entertain us as the opening act. The penetrating aroma of fadeux tobacco in the air bottles and inexpensive wine passes around. It was a wonderful atmosphere and everything went very slowly until we began to hear a loud disturbance coming from behind us. He was screaming and singing and he had just outside the front door. Apparently, some kids tried to rush team safety, entry and crash the stage!

Japanese Music Festival – Music Review

Japanese Music

Heater and sh * t muggier in the subway, 3 musicians (ruins YoshidaTatsuya, Tsuyama Atsushi and Kawabata Makoto Acid Mothers Temple) 7 shape units !! A Capella, comic form free progressive progressive troubadour, cosmic psychedelia. The smell is horrible, and she went through an underground night of music that should not be forgotten.

These three virtuosos continue to amaze. Out of the plane, they came in a maniac style to offer a multitude of good sweaty feelings with humor, sadness and mind blowing rock. I had never seen Yoshida drum and when he did his solo ruins, he made me tremble. His hand trap, his ability to change the type of music, use a sampler made me so happy that I was there as a witness. His powerful drum was too incredible.

New version of music in history

music lessons

music lessons

We always hear about new music and the new version of music, but, in a closer look, these terms are words we speak vaguely. These are words sent forward with a certain intention of death and yet have no specific criteria. They are like other words that we also use with serious intention that also in the best of a subjective meaning; Words such as “God”, “soul” and “normal”.

First, when we use the words “new music”, we make the arrogant presumption that we can talk about the new music of our generation, just as previous generations did not have, and talk about new music. Back to the beginning of 1700, at the end of the life of J. S. Bach, where we will not find a single case of the arrival of new music. The son of J. S. Bach were among the supporters of this new music we now call classical.

Where to find the best new music outlets

music outlet

If you like good music and have a good ear for music, you have no doubt that you will feel frustrated instead of new music outlets that were used by record companies and media. The music industry, for some time, could not take a chance on everything that is really new. It works with what you see as tried and true formulas that work in the marketing of music. The focus is mainly on image and packaging. Now they do not even have a band or artist do their own writing, but the industry tends to work with their own composers and creates a good group of guys, for example, and takes them to an act. The result is clearly stultifiant.

The effort is to divert attention from music and dance and the overall picture, but many people still have the right music when it is offered. But where to find the best new music?

Blues guitar lessons – 10 tips to start


If you are a guitarist who always wanted to learn blues guitarist or a beginner who wants to concentrate on playing guitar blues – there are some things you can do to prepare for your trip.

Lay the foundations of a curriculum in advance – instead of bouncing around grabbing bits of information here and there – is that your progress to become a blues guitarist runs much faster.

In that spirit, here are some ideas to get you going. Some of them are specific guitar techniques – while others relate more to conceptual approaches.