The incredible durability of the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band that existed for a long time on any scale, with a trajectory of more than five periods of ten years. The group has found More »

The RFK Rolling Stones Stadium in Washington DC July 4, 1972

I grew up in the 1960s a big fan of the Rolling Stones. My godmother’s daughter (is this what makes me my granddaughter?) I was the president of the United States of More »

Rolling Stones Music – A Brief History

The Rolling Stones is one of the most popular rock bands in history. They are an English rock band, which was released in April 1962. It was founded by Brian Jones (guitar More »

The origins and scope of the Rolling Stones’ music

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Musicians and amateurs to take control of surveillance

I am not much in the exaggeration of the show business, but I believe Sunday by November 3 will be remembered years from now as the day of broadcast and cadres of More »

The magic of rolling stones

Unlike many other groups that had begun in the early sixties, the Rolling Stones is still strong. In fact, because the band has been around for so long, many members of the More »

Legendary Band – The Rolling Stones

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Magnificent Christmas Jazz Blues

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A Guide for marriage player Home

String Quartet disasters and how to avoid them: A Guide for marriage player Home These concerts disasters occurred worldwide. Well, except you, because you have played only marriages since last Tuesday. string More »

Ten Little Known Facts about Number Ones artists

Browse last volume of the history of numbers poster Ones, I discovered a small collection of musical trivia. I even found two pieces of trivia not know about the Beatles. First, the More »


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Rockabilly Guitar Solos – Danny Gatton game like no other!

Danny Gatton was born in Washington in September 1945. A virtuoso guitarist who can easily play almost all styles of music, Danny focused more on jazz during the last two years before his sudden death. Gatton, whose father was really a professional rhythm guitar player, began playing guitar at the age of 9 years.

The legendary Les Paul and Charlie Christian jazz influences were his guitar early. Danny Gatton played in his first band, The Lancers, at age 12 played jazz guitar with offbeats over 1960-1964 and hung from Nashville, where he worked briefly as a studio musician.

After a period of work workday working and playing guitar in local bars at night throughout the 1970s, Danny won some recognition for his performances with Liz Meyer & Friends and other groups in the area of ​​Washington, DC . Gatton band recorded “American Music” in 1975 and the “Redneck Jazz” in 1978, performing jazz on the last album with a group which also included guitarist friends Emmons pedal steel. He later led a group called the Southern Jazz explosion.

A child like Elvis or Ringo is more likely to make music

Of all reports made in connection with the late Glenn Frey, none seemed so sincere as his main partner in the composition of the Eagles. Don Henley, Frey who co-wrote the success of the larger group as “Hotel California” and “One of These Nights”, referred to the late guitarist as his “brother.”

Why the observation sounded so painful is that Henley was an only child, they never really had a brother. Frey must indeed have seemed the closest thing I had to a brother.

Although Frey himself had many brothers, many musicians tend to leave the townhomes child. The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, is perhaps the most famous one of the children. His twin brother, Jesse Aron Presley was born yet.

Tips on how to make music professional voice recordings

The first is the first

Each voice is different. The settings that help the voice of the artist’s sold for topping the charts, could do anything to help your voice. In fact, these parameters could even damage. Keep this in mind when reading advice on the number of frequencies, etc.

His voice is unique. And what is unique, it should be treated as such. That is why opinions vary greatly in the microphones. I will say that – more voice recordings, the easier it is to mix properly.

1. Equipment

Let’s say you take a photo of a sunset over Paris with an old, two megapixels. There will be a large single image. But if you try to make a poster out of it, you end up with a disorder, pixelated mess. The pixels and the quality of the camera is in your eyes, bits and studio equipment is to your ears.

, Expensive equipment high-end studio can actually give you an idea of ​​what makes it expensive, or to put it correctly, which makes it different. Its use is a good way to train your ears. But never assume that the quality lies in the price, because, as I said, every voice is unique and just because something is expensive does not mean it is ringing his voice better. That said, if you ever have the opportunity to record with various study teams, different microphones, different jobs, etc., please do! You will be given the opportunity to review the best available for voice.

The basic structures of the songs of popular music

Forms the structure of the song favored by the popular music has been fairly stable for decades. Most popular music (and others) are constructed from two contrasting parts: the first material (A) and the contrast material (B). This gives the emotional climax musical direction and release. In popular, A and B forms serves the verse serves as a refrain. The most common form, as expected, is the verse – chorus – verse – chorus – verse / interlude / bridge – chorus. After two trials – choir, a number of things can happen. You may just have the instrumental verse. A bridge can function as a means of further contrast, remove the base material, and then return back to him. Sometimes there is a rupture that provides contrast rhythmic material, the equivalent of a non-lyrical bridge. In a variant of this form A-B, there are two lines before the first chorus (A-A-B-A-B …).

Music, where the chorus comes first is used less frequently (chorus – verse – chorus – verse, etc.) but deconstructed hit songs, which analyzes key composition included in the Billboard Hot 100 trends, noted that this structure tips only 25% in the fourth one of the songs from 2015 to 42% in the first two. The advantage of this structure is that the listener becomes much earlier in the part of the song that is designed to be the most memorable, and get “hooked” faster. I think the trend of the capacity of shorter attention on mass culture has driven this development and not be surprised to see more of it over time.

What kind of music should be played at my wedding?

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are hundreds of different choices, ranging from small, seemingly the most important result that potentially have a big impact on how enjoyable is the opportunity for the couple, their families and guests.

Choose the type of musical entertainment, definitely falls into the latter category, as well as the kind of songs he played well can make for a wild, fun opportunity, or something more discreet and sophisticated, depending on your choice.

The Name of the Wind Patrick Rothfuss, the story of a musical voice

Magic is crucial to fantasy novels, spanning the genres in many different forms, as many forms witches meet its mysteries, wisdom and wise counsel of-life accumulated knowledge. But apart from giving a general explanation of “a lifetime of study” or “many years of hard work,” we are often not how these magicians, enchanters, magicians or learned to weave their spells and magic.

Patrick Rothfuss took this in his intriguing new trilogy Chronicle Murderer called the Kings, the first of which is called “The Name of the Wind”. The story is told through a series of memories of his main character, Kvothe as he tells his story to a reporter to give a true account of his life. Kvothe taught reveals how many different disciplines – both physical and mental – to learn to fight, creating magic items, calling the wind to act through his will. His studies at a university are interspersed with unusual friendships and alliances that have done as well as the gifted student makes enemies. Love and knowledge of music Patrick Rothfuss becomes so clear and Kvothe dedication to music is also woven into the story and makes a nice distraction from progress to college.

Tips for buying used Jazz Records

Currently, there is renewed interest in vinyl records. In the midst of all genres you can see, jazz is a first. Collectors of this type are not only willing to buy new records, who are willing to pay top dollar for a good folder vintage conditions. Not only the pillars of the genre, but also rarities, singles, and more. If in good condition, it is likely that the collector will want to spend more thousands of dollars to get their hands on it. If you are one of the many fans of the genre, or maybe you want to buy records for fun and profit, then you need to meet these 3 tips.

Knowing the value of the recording

First, you must know the intrinsic value of a record. You can go to a variety of places to do this, but chances are you will not find precise data. The best way to measure the public interest and the sale price to be moving forward auctions are sought. When you are looking auction search completed listings and see what the highest price paid for each item you wish to buy or sell. Keep an eye on changes in prices, and see what a premium, as the new album was sold. Once you know this you will be able to determine whether it is worth picking up or if it is better to focus on other options.