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The influence of blues singers in the Modern Rock N ‘Roll


Since rumors first spread of Faust Pact legendary as Robert Leroy Johnson with the dark side , blue gripped the attention of society with personal lyrics , playing the emotional intensity and convincing agreements pentatonic progressions . However, the screams , grunts, groans and blues singers influenced singers of the genre in the tradition of rock music .

Blue introduced Scream Rock N ‘Roll

Screaming voices have become the edge of the latest cut in rock music. Kids love the cries of anger, anxious, frustrated or new artists. Bands genres as diverse as hardcore , punk , metal, and the use of modern rock or less virulent in their voices to see the raw emotion .

What would be the voice of Kurt Cobain without the accent sounded like BB King fry ? Marilyn Manson have been possible without the shock rock antics of Screamin ‘Jay Hawkins? A brief look at the history of blues music shows the model of what would become rock music.

Bending Notes chromatically building tension

The History of Blues Guitar


The blues is a form of music that can be vocal , instrumental ( blues guitar ) or both . Use “blue” notes are based on a scale ” minor pentatonic ” most of the time, also known as the blue scale .

Blues was derived from African American communities in the United States on work songs , spiritual songs, field shouts , chants, shouts and simple ballads that rhyme. Many aspects of the blues are indicative of African influence .

The call and response aspects of the music comes directly from African roots and had a lot of lines that is repeated two or more times. This later evolved into a line repeated twice and then the third time he had a “line of response. ” Can always find these early features in modern blues music, especially hip- hop.

What is heavy metal music ?


Classic heavy metal music is described as having a thick, massive sound that includes extended guitar solos , complex beats , amplified distortion and an overall volume . The main instruments of most groups are electric guitar , electric bass, drums, vocals and sometimes keyboards. While most groups focus on a singer as its figurehead, heavy metal music , usually used guitarist development.

Heavy metal guitarist is key. They perform many riffs and generally lead the group. While some guitarists use main power chords in their songs , most have studied classical music and have amazing abilities . Some of the techniques used are alternate picking , jumping rope , typing, legato , sweep picking and economy picking.

Heavy metal developed in the late 1960s with bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Since the dawn of this new style of music emerged a large music subgenre . The lyrics tend to focus on dark or depressing subjects, including death , war , paranoia and personal trauma . Some extreme forms often focus on aggressive words or blood, while others focus on more philosophical issues . A common theme in most metals is the idea of what you want , despite what the world says .

History Lesson of Power Metal Music


Power metal is a style of heavy metal music that combines traditional elements with metal and speed to create a unique symphonic sound . The term “power metal” is often used to describe two different styles , but similar : the first is a variant of North America with a metallic sound similar speed and the second a more popular style of describing a lighter more melodic music, based mainly Europe . The European variant is what we are discussing today.

Originally from the new wave of British heavy metal , also called melodic power, melodic, and in some cases the “flower” of metal, was developed largely by the likes of Helloween, Stratovarius and Blind Guardian. The music itself is often very fast with emphasis on tremolo picking and fast solos and is almost always very melodic. Keyboards playing the melody orchestrated guitars have become a pillar of power metal, as it swept Europe and picked up influences from classical and popular music on the road .

The voice of power metal are influenced by the likes of hevily Dio, Rob Halford of Judas Priest , Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, and Eric Adams of Manowar . They tend to be almost always sung correctly, instead of screaming or grunted as is common in much of modern metal lyrical , and often in a higher register . It is not uncommon for singers to layer for a strong chorus voice in your records , as it was developed by the singer and frontman of Blind Guardian Hansi Kürsch .

As heavy metal sound therapy music ?

heavy metal sound therapy music

Every time I stand to groups about sound therapy or talk to people in the trade shows , I often get expressions of concern and questions about heavy metal music . These are valid concerns , so I decided to look more closely. My closer look gave an interesting idea.

Heavy metal has been a personal journey for our family. Our son , Matt, is the guitar in a heavy metal band . This is your favorite music. It’s an incredibly talented guitarist . Matt is also an early indigo child and one of the wise old souls I know. If I need advice , I often ask Matt . It is one of the most kind, compassionate , happy and genuine people I know .

Heavy metal has touched our family in a very personal way when Matt entered the tenth year of high school. For the second term , Matt suffered from clinical depression. For him, it was a real dark night of the soul.

Heavy Metal Musical Instruments

heavy metal music

The beginnings of heavy metals and the tools used for this probably goes back to the early days of the electric guitar and the work of inventors and innovators like George Beauchamp ( inventor of the first electric guitar ) , Adolph Rickenbacker , Paul Barth, and Les Paul . Without their work and the work and contributions of many other guitars that connects is not a reality and, in fact , if not created heavy metals, have taken a very different form .

Since the early 70s and continues today heavy metal was formed as a connected musical art played a very strong way . The basic instruments used are guitar , bass, vocals and drums . Many variants of the guitar can be found for about six basic chords seven or eight string guitars and even very large Warr guitars that can have up to fifteen strings. Bass Guitars from 3 to 6 strings and batteries anywhere drum kits to very large and complex as played by Mark temperato that includes over 500 pieces. Due to the nature of the heavy metals , which is adjusting the speed, and the emphasis on rhythm , most of the drums used by drummers includes a bass.

Black Metal Music

Black Metal Music

Normally addressed in waves, with roots in old school thrash metal, black metal is a little knowledge , often misunderstood subgenre. Metal has been an outlet for children disillusioned with the search for a solution to infighting personnel , religious or cultures .. This small subset of dedicated fans have committed many crimes , including the burning of the church ( over 50 churches) and murder.

Black metal Beliefs

Varg Vikernes and Mayhem is the favorite to date metal band . In 1993 Oystein Aarseth , owner stamp silent death, was murdered by Vikernes . Vikernes was convicted of murder later this year. This impact , anti-religious position Vikernes was an expression of the views of the metal genre as a whole. With a bit of culture , is litigation, opinions and beliefs.

Black Metal Impacts

Bands like Bathory and developed Cruachan took their music to a Viking tradition and style of mythology and had an impact on the type of metal music . These metal strips that are familiar as ” popular” and ” Viking ” often use instruments that are far from the standards and choose to complete common instruments such as electric guitars , drums and bass . This includes bands with ambient noise, symphonic doom metal were tested . The movement of the old 80 ‘s punk ( ie the crust ) gothic industrial influences or even have some other sounds that some black metal bands have pushed the envelope .

Black metal printing