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Music, movies and independent films

In this exclusive interview, Todd Cericola, owner of Clock Tower photos, talks about his film studio, music films and independent productions in the world.

Manuel Marín: When does the movie studio and how he got the idea?

Todd Cericola: Clocktower Pictures was released in February 2008. We are a new company in the Philadelphia area that specializes in independent film. We began to work against after sitcom pilot called “Two One Five.” Me and my two partners Keelen Monahan and Matt Tomko all worked individually in producing, directing and writing and decided to put our efforts in one basket opening what was to become Clocktower.

What is difficult to manage a movie studio?

I do not know why it is so difficult as it is fun. All we are doing something we love to do. There is a heavy workload, especially since we are a new company, but would not have it any other way. Our company own hands to work directly with our players on a one on one. We try to answer all your needs as well as ours.

Get free music, movies and games

Salvation. I know how frustrating it can be trying to download music today. I’m getting married soon and in order to reduce costs, my boyfriend and I have decided to create our own playlists. We had trouble finding a download service that was fast enough and cheap enough. We need to have fast downloads so we can remove a great list soon.

Another problem we encountered was that many companies simply wanted all downloads for free and then charge you per download. With the amount of music that would have required expensive quickly!

Finally, we have a program that was perfect, almost too good to be true, but it was true. We have downloads up to 250 times faster and were all free! Also you can download as many songs as we wanted and they were free! Needless to say, our playlists has been done in a short time. Also, my boyfriend is an Avid video game, I was very happy with the service. Finally, you can find and download the latest games without problem. We also strengthened our movie collection, because, as I said before the program was also free movies and download games. Oh, I almost forgot, they have 24 hour technical support if you need it, but I have never.

Hollywood Musicals – rich in history

Hollywood Musicals is recognized as a distinctive part of our film history, playing an essential role in the evolution of cinema in the 1920s until 1950. Today, despite this fact, most people do not know how they got their start at the beginning. The development of sound motion pictures during the 1920s paved the way for the era of Hollywood musicals. Before the development of the music, as we know, had a lot of vaudeville produced in the 20th century include music. Well accepted by the public, were never as popular as the full Hollywood production music that America has come to love.

During the 1920s, Warner Brothers Studio began to experience something new called Vitaphone. The Vitaphone proposed a method of coordinating a soundtrack to a movie, they actually create a sound image. This method, however, dominated much of the huge potential in terms of adding sound to movies. At this point in the history of cinema, Warner Brothers felt it was not necessary to listen to people, and just wanted to provide a sound background music for a movie. It was not until 1927 that the Warner Brothers for the first time on the big screen with his song at the launch of The Jazz Singer, a remake of the Broadway musical of the same name.

The importance of music in film

Edition requires the right amount of pace and rhythm and music plays a key role in the structure of how history is displayed. Music can trigger fear in terror, suspense in action, and uncertainty in the dramas that provide the element of surprise to the right to recall the correct answers. In most cases, music can make or break a scene if the marker is not done properly. Imagine the music in the horror film “Friday the 13th” when Jason is about to attack his victim or when you hear the music, but nothing happens, but its still gripping the edge of your seat.

What about the different scenes of Star Wars when music gives an indication that Darth Vader is about to enter the scene (which also happens to be the theme song for the intro movie) … As you can imagine, the music dictates and creates a benchmark for visual effects. I said an editor Oscar winner winning movie play any music off and see if you get the same effect … observation. The only memory I have of a movie in which the brand has played an important role in the development of the story was in the movie “No Country for Old Men”, where there was only one scene was music in the background.

Music Art in Perspective

As an educated person, you can enjoy all the arts: dance, art, music and graphics. Why not combine the two or three of them in a musical masterpiece If your love is all about opera, a portrait of a diva or even a spear-carrier in the chorus of this type will help bring back memories fun and exciting nights at the opera. You could order a new part or a framed poster of a particularly memorable night either meet the need of decorating with art that has meaning for you. Dance offers a rare combination of art, media is a graphical representation of the challenges of the primer, while the music provides a place for the interpretation of the dancer in the room. An abstract painting of a ballet would fulfill the dream of every lover of the classics.

Turning now to the end of the musical scale popular, jazz has a dimension of music that is wild and free, a perfect theme for a musical piece of abstract art. Do you listen to jazz and think a burst of color pear shaped with sound? Then cover with a Jackson Pollock canvas inspired technique shows their interest and ability to meet the standard of painting and the sublime. Jazz also has a fantastic history and realized completely, and a portrait of the great Louis Armstrong as he blows his trumpet for ages might oppose your home to remind you of the truly great jazz artists. Similarly, Billie Holiday with her trademark flower in her hair that make you think of a big jazz influence, his homeland, here in the United States at the border of Europe and beyond. Jazz is an American art form that we can be proud.

Music, Art and Perception

I often had this experience with some of my students who practice models, a study, an exercise or air, and get stuck at some point and I can not understand why they can not go further. I say,

“I practiced 100 times, but I can not enter my head.”

I ask: “What do you mean is get into your head?”

They say: “Yes, do not seem to understand what is going on here!”

I wonder: “Do you hear what you’re playing? If you could change the page, then you can play.”

The German language has a different name for the music. Also called “Tonkunst” – which literally means “sound art”.

I explain to students that follows, the music must be perceived by the ears, eyes, and not, as in the case of visual arts (painting, sculpture, etc.), or conscious thought (literary arts).

The ears have a way to “understand” what the eye or the intellect does not. You can know the situation, something that seems totally illogical on paper – “bad” notes used int he melody that does not correspond to a structure consistent agreement or that you can not imagine everything should sound good – but to hear what’s on paper, your eyes tell you that not only sounds good, but is perhaps the most logical choice for the notes or chords. Yes, you can fool your brain.

The art of music and its Arab contribution to Western civilization

It is not easy to define the Arabic music as the underlying principles were taken by non-Arab peoples: the moors, the Byzantines, the Iranians, etc. However, we can make a distinction between pure Arabic music, which was practiced and still practiced today, original form, before the advent of Islam, the other, more recent, formed under Arab rule in the context of Muslim expansion.

In the conquered countries Arab elements have adapted to the regional music in a different balance every time, to put it more clearly, we should say “Andalusian Arabic music”, “Egyptian Arabic music”, etc. Therefore, regional differences are greater than those that can be found in European music between the French and Italian art and German art and forces us to remember that the variable nature.

Bob Marley posters, music, art, and humanity

What exactly is the attraction when it comes to Bob Marley posters? They seem to be very popular with the college crowd. Walk around any college campus and check all Marley shirts for beginners.

Everyone knows that Bob Marley was. His music and his personality, touched several generations of generation and many to follow. It was not just his music, but his convictions and his passion for equality that bore his name and legacy.

So many pictures and posters of his concerts and life are almost as icon. Like Warhol Marilyn Monroe. We saw all times for many, almost as if they were marketed by a Fortune 100 company. But in reality, they did not.

What makes a celebrity a celebrity? Hard to say, because so many people, but for most, is a bigger mystery than life. Celebrities come and go. Even some icons come and go, but some stay in our bubble pop culture for generations. Bob Marley did. Real part of it may be due to a tragically short life, but part of it was also the universal message of love that he sang.

Bob Marley Did not even know that their popularity will continue long after his death? Probably not. And I wonder how many years will continue. There are more than 2.7 million searches per month for Bob Marley’s name on Google. That’s incredible. I guess I will be your posters, and listen to your music for a few years.

Does your popularity was the same today if he had not died so young? What message would have for us in this digital age?

The popular and growing fascination with all things Bob Marley continues to be reflected in the sales of his music, posters, photographs and words. Nobody is generated much interest, without appeal to people at different levels. It was never really just about the music, is the man himself.

It would be surprising to see a concert of Bob Marley today. His message is clear that in these difficult times rang. That goodness of recorded media. We will be able to see and hear for many generations.