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The true story of an American Art Form Music – The Blues

In the history of music there is probably no single musical style that influenced the “pop” Blues more. The blues is also unique in that it is truly “American” musical art form. As we discover the roots of the musical styles of Jazz, Rock, Gospel and musical artists BB King, Elvis Presley, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin, all were heavily influenced by the blues.

It is important to note that the term “popular music”, as in the past is a bit misleading. Too often we talk about classical music and popular music as well completely different musical expressions. Do not assume that they are not very different. What I mean is that the word “popular” is not for the time we live

Let me explain. If we lived in Europe in 1786, when Mozart was 30 years old and the height of his career (he died at the age of 36) that his music was considered popular, right? If there were no recording studios, radio stations, MP3 and iPods in 1786, would be too naive and simplistic to conclude that one of his symphonies and piano concertos would have been a “Top Ten Version?” And if so, would not be considered “popular music?” I think you’ll agree that this is certainly an unconventional viewpoint, but true.

Set of Music and Art, what a concept!

Like the rest of us who enjoy the music and have often thought about owning a musical masterpiece, to merge the two passions of his life. It can be done. Music is art performances of musicians and the music itself. Finally it sounds impossible? Well, first things first, a portrait of the musicians. Maybe you like the symphony and even season tickets. Each performance, morning or afternoon, you come away with a glow of pure happiness.

Why not order a painting of his favorite band, playing all his heart to the glorious music. If you have a favorite, eg violin first seat, the artist can spend a little more on it, even making your features stand out from the rest of the orchestra, as shown in the dress you like best in. It will be a challenge a professional artist will be happy to meet you.

If your taste ranges from jazz, fewer people will be, but the artist has room to be as unique as they are in real life. Look what principal trombonist. Is not it a very special way arching her back while using the slide of copper convince these notes? Tell your favorite artists ask about it, and you end up with a very characteristic piece of musical art.

Opera music is your special love, you say? Then the focus will be on an individual artist, unless you want to put a piece of a favorite opera as sextet “Lucia di Lammermoor”. Most likely, the diva has captured his heart and would be very happy to see his picture on the wall. You can be royalty Vikings while Valkyries ride triumphantly sings Wagner, or perhaps delicate trills air the tragic end of “Madame Butterfly”. A musical masterpiece that represents some of the fantastic costumes of the opera would be a pleasure any artist as it descends on the canvas while the perfect shine of satin and lace a wheel around the neck of a famous singer. In general, if you want a work of art music, you can not go wrong with the opera.

Pop music should be your strong point, it’s likely that your color palette is bright and strong, which brings a lot of energy in painting. You may request an abstraction of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, for example, joined the film world with the world of dance music with the world. This is a great artistic appeal of a painting! Whatever you decide to commissioning, when you get home room and hang it on your wall, you will have a sensory experience to be proud and happy to share that.

As representative of the music itself, many think of music as colors in a way that transcends the musical scale or even write the musical form. This technique rarefied be discussed in detail with your favorite artists, like the colors of the mind that translate the music naturally going to be very subjective. For example, if you think an agreement that the wheel yellow-orange, then you will have to describe what the artist and allows you to work on your painting, perhaps, for him, the same deal, said, “Blue- green ‘! Communication is the way to achieve the desired purpose of the project, customer satisfaction and the artist at the time.

Music Art and Design Spotlight

Earning a degree in art and design can be true adventure and fun for someone like you, I always admire to be creative and want to make a decent profit. Diploma in art and design can be filled with a lot of fun, but at the same time, it requires a good knowledge training and effective too. Since the degree of which today are among undergraduate degrees, it allows students to specialize in different fields of art and design, such as the media, fashion, or illustration. Add to this the typical current may vary depending on the specialization.

Although textile design courses or design are common in art and design, but in music in recent times has become a new career option in creative art and design. Art programs and design program offers music that focus mainly on the composition of music, history, theory and performance. These days there are many universities in the United States that offer design programs of art and music and encourage students to have a better understanding of an instrument, in addition to classroom studies. While in art school and curriculum in music generally take four years to complete, there are online degree programs that make a totally different structure and allow students to graduate in less than four years.

Music Lyrics – Can you imagine our world without music?

Just listen to this song right can be an emotional trigger that touch or taste. Since many songs are associated with events both up and down in our lives, only to hear the first steps can bring us back to a time when we were happy or depressed, here are some some of the most beautiful moments of our lives or worse. Many times a high point bring back memories of someone or something. This is one reason why love birds as “our song.” This is something special that keeps people together, even if they are not with each other for now.

Because music and songs relate to so many people and different ages, a song writer might have something completely different in mind that people who listen. This is one of the magical moments of music and one of the incredible power of a song. The music and lyrics are something that lasts a lifetime, you are not forgotten with time, but it’s just a wonderful version cherished.Songs different emotions. Words can relax when we are upset, or we can build a point of excitement for no particular reason except to hear a particular song and makes us in a very good mood.

There’s a song, and the words that go with this song, for almost all cases and no emotion. This is why higher music lyrics and songs are so popular why some people. Being able to do a song of our own and then re-apply to our own lives can be truly amazing. Whether Christian, Gospel, Country, Rock whatever you can find around the level of the letter.

Music Lyrics – Poems

A simple definition of words is a set of words that make up a song. However, a more precise definition is “singing to the lyre” from the Greek word “lyrikos.” This is where the word is derived words. Meaning of letters can be hidden, visible, explicit or implied. Certain words are abstract, almost unintelligible. In 1876, the lyrical word was first used to refer to the “words of a song.” Words can be a form of social criticism. Words can be of any subject dear to the human heart, like love. Sometimes words are political and economic issues, topics and messages.

Words can intentionally or unintentionally communicate ideas, morals and values. Today, many websites offer letters for users. Like most of the lyrics are the property access is sometimes controversial. Lyrical searchable databases allow the user to find the name of an artist or song with a word or phrase of the melody. This modern comfort unparalleled in the world today and easily taken for granted. For example, how many times have you wanted to learn the artist, group or the name of a song? Have you heard of the words, but not all.

Search engines before the words, you had to wait for a song you like to come to the radio. Or you can search the music section of the store discs or bands, or ask a friend if he knew the song. You can buy the disc or tape, and learn words from there. What is easier nowadays with the letter search engines! Have you ever been a change with someone in the exact words of a song? It can be quickly and easily cleaned with the help of search words on the World Wide Web. If all arguments can be resolved quickly.

How to write music for lyrics

If you are looking to learn how to write music and words, so I’m glad you found this website do not talk, I suggest you read on, for the simple reason that it is certainly my uncensored news on how to write music for the lyrics.

There are many basic techniques that I found it necessary to add music to the lyrics. I have used several different methods before finding one thing that has helped me reach my goal in music is to write the letter.

The disadvantage lyricist each of us is that we often write some good words and have no accompanying music. Some of us may know several friends who play musical instruments or you can use a beat maker machine. Unfortunately, the melodies they create is not what makes our characters pop. I am very upset, I just want to practically stop writing. So I had to do something to try to understand how to write the music for the lyrics.

I myself am an intelligent person and I realize music is simply no specific plan to follow if you want to know how to write music to words. For me personally, I used to study the words of two or three times. Then after that I began to “sing” the lyrics. The result is a good, but “imperfect” Later, an issue that should improve and refine to be happy with it.


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Singer Songwriters play chords and lyrics of Little Nashville Songwriters Festival

Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, is a great way to hear a successful songwriter play your music. You can hear a couple of songs before they become hits. Composers Festival is an annual event usually held 5 event in late March or early April.

Composers have a great influence on our daily lives. Have you ever been traveling on the road and listen to the lyrics of the music that reminds you of your mother, your children or your best friend? Songs bring back memories of things that happened in our lives or people who are important to us.

Some songs have a strong influence on our lives. I saw a show called the CMT original Nashville the other day and saw Josh Turner spoke of a woman who chose life on suicide thanks to one of his songs.

Composers who write these songs play an important role in today’s world. They should be recognized for their music. The International Association of Composers of Nashville is doing just that, but putting together the annual Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival to honor and celebrate composers who create songs.

The festival will stage composers of all kinds of music, but in nine different places in Nashville. There will be two concerts organized each night. It is a very popular event in Nashville. Last year, over 9000 people came to see over 350 talented songwriters performed in over 80 shows.